Wednesday, March 12, 2008

PostHeaderIcon what is in a name?

ahh i saw this comic and it made me laugh! Although we haven't fully started throwing the names around and having the name debate and asking for peoples opinions. We have said a few names here and there. Mostly the names that mean something, or if i hear one i like i run it by Steven and get a feel if he is going to come up with some horrible song or something. Those of you who know my husband at all know what I'm talking about!
So If we have a girl, i would like her middle name to be Jeanette. This is my grandmothers name. The person in my family that means the most to me, Whit out her i would not be the person I am today. Thus i feel i would love to honor her in my daughters name. Everyone calls her Jean, so my father gave me my middle name Jean to honor her. And although i could use Jean as its my middle name, i would rather not. I don't really want people to assume that i named my daughter after myself. So i have found a few names that flow nice with Jeanette. And girls names just seem to be easier to think of.
Now when it comes to boys names I always wanted to name my little boy Johnathan. After my uncle who was the most incredible man that i ever knew. No offence to my husband he does posses many of the qualities of my uncle and that may be one reason i love him so. But Johnathan is already taken in out family, and that is OK, actually i love that it is. i love Jonny's entire name, and when i first learned his middle name it brought tears to my eyes. His name is Johnathan Allyn (Sp?) Heinrich. a very Strong name. The reason i was touched by this is, my uncles name was Johnathan Allen Henney. WIERD, and at first kinda creepy. They both had February birthdays, and little jonny was born just 4 months after my uncle passed away. Now mind you these are from separate families never having met. Just total coincidence. I didn't even know Jonny till he was i believe just about to turn 1. He is a great kid, total boy, adorable, and he has a perfect name! he holds a very special place in my heart, and i believe without one doubt he will grow to be such and incredible man!

We have also talked about using the name Allen as a middle name, it is my husbands fathers middle name, my uncles middle name and our nephews middle name.
My husband has expressed that he would love to use the name Richard. I'm not opposed to this i rather like this name. It is his Grandfathers name. So my husband suggests Richard Allen., WTF?? are you kidding me? NO WAY! makes me think of Richard Allen Davis, some of you may not remember this name, or wonder why its so familiar. He is the man that kidnapped and murdered a 12 year old girl named Polly Klass. When i was myself 12 years old. this name is not going to happen. back to the drawing board.

I like Ethan but then my husband suggested Allen as the middle name. NO my child will not be named Ethan Allen. ARRRH! this is much harder than i thought it would be! So i Suggest ETHAN RICHARD JENSEN. so we shall see, its at least another 12 weeks till we can possibly find out!

ahhh the wondering mind of a pregnant woman!


Vicki said...

Victor Richard Allen Jensen yes, perfect,
Wait, Dominic Victor Jensen
No, wait...Victor Michael Jensen
whatever, I'm tired of typing

Monica said...

ahh victor! very nice!
who is dominic?

Sarah Michele said...

Love the comic.

I had no idea about your Johnathan Allen, that is the weirdest coincidence!

Thanks for all the nice words about my Jonny, he really is a great kid :)Seriously though, to hear you say those nice things gave me chills. Thanks :)

I really like Ethan! Or how bout Owen? Or Milo? Like the guy from Heros, not Milo and Otis. Thats all I got.

I also wanted to use Richard with Jonny, but Allyn was a definite middle name (Nate and his Dad both have Allyn as their middle name) and Richard Allyn was toooooo creepy!

Vicki said...

Dominic was my grandfathers name. I like it for a girl, Dominique, and called Nickie, and for a boy, Nick, or Dom.
Love the name.

Monica said...

i know its such a wierd coincidence, i love jonny, he has so much energy! i dont know how you do it, but im sure if i have a boy...ill find out!

Mary said...

Harris Allen Jensen