Wednesday, March 26, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Childhood Memories

Mary wrote blog about some of her childhood memories and asked the question "what are some of your favorite childhood memories?"
Looking back I had a great childhood, I think this lasted until my mom and step-dad divorced when i was 11.

Some of my greatest memories come from when i was just 3-4 years old. My grandfather, I called him POP. He was a great man, He loved to garden and fish, and he loved to share these things with me.

My parents divorced before i was 2, and my mom was young and my dad was "gone" so his parents stepped in to make sure i was OK and that i had the best life possible, I would stay with them 3-4 days a week.

We had a routine, everyday we did the same things...or that is how i remember it!

My pop would get up super early, walk to the local store read the paper and have coffee with the other old men. He would come home just as i would be getting up and make me hotcakes! we would make the batter together with a "special" ingredient that he would have in his shirt pocket, Ive come to know that it was vanilla, but back then it was just a "special" ingredient.

We would spend the morning working in the yard, we would come in and wash up, I loved this time because I would get to sit on the bathroom counter and watch pop shave. He shaved everyday before lunch he used and old fashioned shave kit, where you had a cup and a brush and you lathered up the foam in the cup and applied it to your face with the brush, i have this kit today, it sits atop a shelf in my room. (this isn't THE kit, but just so you get the idea!)
We would get our lunch and sit on the couch to eat it while we watched All my Children.
Then it would be nap time. After that was playtime, I remember vividly playing Lego's with him sprawled out all over the living room and also with "Little People" Back then they were made of wood, This was my favorite time. and then we always headed back outside!
My family is amazed at how much I remember him. They used to think that I only remembered him from the stories I've heard, as he died in July of 1987, i was just 4 1/2. But I assure you these are memories that are deep in my mind and if i close my eyes, its like I'm there, 21 years ago, right there on the living room floor. these are not stories i have heard, but times that we shared.
These are my best child hood memories, ones I will cherish till my dying days. I have other great memories, but to me nothing can top these ones.


Mary said...

great post... it is amazing how much we can remember as kids.. pictures do help some memories, but some are in a container and if the right thought passes by them...they pop open. All containers have a story..

this is a wonderfully warm memory...a container with fur lining.

Monica said...

i have lots of containers.

Vicki said...

Really nice memory Monica. Warm and loving.
Wonder what Brynns memories will be??