Wednesday, March 12, 2008

PostHeaderIcon a home of our own?

Is it possible? We will be finding out soon, im thinking in the next two weeks if we can get pre-qualified, and for what amount.

Were not really looking for some big bueautiful house that we know we cannot afford, were looking more along the lines of we can pay X amount a month...what can that get us? maybe a condo. maybe a Mobile home. what ever it is it will be a home of our own, a place to remain stable for at least 5 years till this market jumps back up. A place we can put our heart and soul into, work on and love. a place to grow our family. and keep us safe at night.

So please do keep your fingers crossed that we can get something. I want to move before baby jensen gets here, and preferably not anytime after 6 months prego! because ill be will be a lot of work for steven!

we shall see, even in the darkest days...the future can seem bright!


Sarah Michele said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya! Good things happen to good people, and you guys are some good peeps!

Love the picture :)

Vicki said...

Here's to being qualified.
My fingers are crossed as well as my toes.

Marni Tiani Self said...

Yeah! Good luck!