Saturday, June 28, 2008

PostHeaderIcon WALL-E

We had a nice little family outing tonight. Steven and I took Brynn to see WALL-E.
This was one of PIXARS best films yet. Seriously, it was a great one. I think Sarah will really appriciate the message in this movie, Its such a great message for kids, especially with the age were living in, For pixar to focus on it (the whole point of the movie) really is awesome.
Im not going to tell you the point of the movie, because I dont want to ruin it for those of you who havnt seen it yet. And then once those of you who plan to see it do, we can definitly talk more about it!
This is definitly a disney movie that I will pre-order from the disney store to add to our collection.
Excellent work PIXAR! Excellent work.
Now you all must go see this!
Friday, June 27, 2008

PostHeaderIcon HOLY MOLY!

So according to this chart, today Friday June 27th marks the start of my SIXTH month of pregnancy!
WHOA! This has gone by pretty fast.
I had my regular Pre-natal checkup today, Went very well. Got to hear Savanna's Heartbeat again, as always, sounds perfect and strong! Always brings a tear to my eye.
I cannot wait to have her here with us, I mean i can, of course I dont want her coming early or anything but im just so excited! Im very excited that she will be here just in time for the holiday season, which will be nice for all the relatives who live farther away to get to meet her. which also means 100's of people getting there wintery germs all over my newborn. AHHHH. Its ok, breath! i have months to prepare for this baby grabbing fest....and also for all the running around we are bound to have to do to accomodate all the family gatherings.
well those are all the random thoughts i have right now.....hope you are all well.....SINCE MOST OF YOU HAVNT BEEN BLOGGING.
Thursday, June 26, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Do not eat Twix for breakfast!

Well you can if you want, and it may not even effect you unless you have terrible acid reflux like me.

UGH I brought Sarah some twix this morning to help her with her candy craving, and I ate a few (they were the small ones) and by the time i got to work i was ready to call in a hole and die. OBVIOUSLY my acid reflux medicine is NOT working. I knew it wouldnt its stupid over the counter crap that my dr gave me, when will this snatch just give me some damn medicine. If she doesnt soon i will have no esophigus left as the acid im sure is just eating it away!
AAHHHHHHHHH! at least i have dr appt tomorrow maybe then she will FINALLY listen to me!
Tuesday, June 24, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Miss Savanna's Registry!

I saw this and thought it was totally cute!
So today I finished up our baby registry for miss Savanna!
Here is the link for those of you who are dieing to view the baby things!
Im about to go home a little early, were super slow today....and its really smokey here and making me feel sick! BLAH! Home to eat some ice cream and catch up on soap operas! LOL! (tonight is stevens baseball game, and Im not going...its at 8:20 and Im super tired!
Hope the rest of you are having a wonderful day!
Monday, June 23, 2008


So last night we were sitting on the couch after dinner and Savanna was moving all over the place, kicking and doing her thing. Well i was holding my belly to see if I could feel her, since ive only been able to feel her little kicks internally.....but now that she has developed much stronger kicks I was able to feel it on the outside. So i put stevens hand on my stomach and she kicked him! He loved it, then she did it again.....and then stopped. So he was sitting there waiting and she was he shook my belly and she went nuts again! He loved it! It was such a cute moment! brought a tear to my eye!
Saturday, June 21, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Do I have a 6th sense?

Mary mentioned in her blog that she used to feel she had a sense of what the future held. She asked if anyone else ever had this, I have this feeling quite often actually. Sometimes its very unsettling, usually when it actually happens.
I get this feeling more for people whom im extremely close to, usually steven, sometimes Janel and my mom. But there have been many times for other people that i know well and others not so well.
Sometimes its a feeling that you know its going to happen, your just not sure who its going to happen to. These type of things usually come to me in my dreams, and then occor within just a few days. (see why i dont sleep well!) The things that are very specific to me usually come to me during the day, which sometimes makes me feel like a wierdo for even thinking such things.
A very prominent example of this happened to me about 5 .5 years ago, I had a dream that my close friends parents died. In my dream i was very upset and I was at my grandmas house, Someone knocked on the door, i answered and it was a very bright almost blinding white, but then there was my uncle John, He hugged me and told me that everything was going to be ok and that i need not worry. I woke in a panic, It was such a horrible dream, i told my boyfriend at the time what my dream was and he told me that i had sick dreams. nice huh? Well the next night at about 10pm i was in the shower and the phone rang, He told me the name on the caller ID was my uncles name, I instantly felt sick, got chills and could hardly stand, i got out of the shower and knew i had to call back but i just couldnt find the strength....I dialed, Janel was my uncle, he had passed just a few hours before. I was devistated. I for about a year felt a sense of guilt that i somehow could have prevented it had i really put together the signs in my dream.....Lots of medicine and counsling helped me get past that.
i have had "preminitions" if you will of accidents while driving and then miles up the road it will happen, knowing things about people before they tell me, things like that.
A recent more positive feeling i had was that my uncle tom and his new wife ( who i hadnt talked to or seen in about 6 months) were going to have babies 2 of them, I couldnt shake this for several days, which was wierd since my uncle had a vasectomy about 10 years ago and so why would i even think that? hummm... well two days later i got a call from my mom saying that Mia & Tom were pregnant and having twins! WHAT? i was shocked, I told my mom what i had been thinking and she laughed, she said that shortly after they got married last year he had it "reversed" but they never told anyone because they figured if it worked it worked if not oh well. Well it worked and now she is due with twins just about a week before me! how exciting!
Thursday, June 19, 2008

PostHeaderIcon not much goin on today.....

Im bored at work, its our slow week.

Ever since the ultrasound I have started feeling Savanna move around what seems to be non-stop! I think she knows kung-fu, cause she had be kung-fu-ing the crap out of me! Its so wierd, the only way i can explain it to those of you who have never felt it - you know when you have a muscle that twitches and feels wierd, that is pretty much how it feels to me!

She likes to kick my bladder, this is a fun little game we play, she kicks it....i think im about to pee my pants, run to the bathroom and viola....just a few drops. Its a great game. FOR HER!

I still havnt gained any weight...even though i feel like i have gained 50lbs!

Actually im still down about 4 lbs from the day i found out i was pregnant! So that is awesome! Im actually still able to wear a ton of my regular clothes, which is also a plus!

We now have to pick out a "theme" for her room, I think im going to do something close to what brynn already has so that way when they end up sharing a room, it will look nice. I think i found one I like at Target, its called Tiddlywinks lady bug collection. Its pretty cute huh? being that brynns room is pink and green with flowers this will go quite nice! I made my registry yesterday....I have to run it all by steve-o for the daddy approval......
Tuesday, June 17, 2008

PostHeaderIcon my first "tackle it tuesday!"

Ok so Im going to try something new. My friend Marni does this every week and from her pics, it seems that is is pretty productive! this is what i need!
So this week I (well steven and I) Have tackled our budget! Well started to at least! We have a mountian (not really but a small hill) of debt. And really who wants that? NOT I! So together last night we sat down and figured out our expenses and have decided to make some changes so that it will be easier for us to adjust once there is another mouth to feed and back to clothe! lol! not to mention the raising gas prices have really affected everyones budget im sure! We are tracking our expenses for the month of june, to kind of evaluate where we spend money that is unnecessary so that we can set an actual budget on these things. We decided that were going to talk to the other person BEFORE we spend any money, that will make us accountable, and both liable for the spent money!
So were cutting out some unnecessary "luxury" things, and cutting back on some other stuff! Were going to try to live how we did in sac when we were actually broke! And really looking back we lived simply, and we enjoyed each day we used to cook dinner EVERY NIGHT, and we actually enjoyed it, watched a movie and relaxed. We found things to do that were cheap or free.
We have decided that we eat out too much and that needs to stop. So from now on it will be for special occasions, and every now and then just to treat our selves!
Steven decided that he is going to take over the grocery shopping, he says he can cut our bill in half if not more, and hey im willing to let him!
im looking for any other ways to cut back and save! Living in windsor they have so many events on the green that are all free so were going to start enjoying those!
we have also removed all credit cards from our walletts and put them safely away, as they will not be used unless there is a real emergency....which is what they should be for anyway! thus all payments will DECREASE the balance!
Were going to make LISTS of things we need around the house before we go to walmart, target, costco etc...and stick to the list!
Im totally open for suggestions on ways to cut back!
I have no pics of this sure you all know what a stack of bills looks like! We have set a goal to have a certian precentage of our debt paid off by the time miss savanna gets goes! i think we can do it!
So tell me, do you have anything at all that you are tackling this week?
Friday, June 13, 2008

PostHeaderIcon OK OK. here SHE is!

**please note the spelling of her name changed**

Well Steven and I couldnt wait any longer. He got in the car and said " i wannnnnnna telllll my grandmaaaaaaaaa!" So i said OK!

We went to our ultrasound, brynn and both grandmas joined us! It was such a great expierence wish you could have all been there! She is definitly a member of this family, she is not shy. basically they started the ultrasound and she spread her legs and said "whoo hoo here i am, here is my labia! Im all girl" She was very active during the ultrasound, moving alll over the place! I have many more pics that ill bring on sunday for all to see! She has a beautiful profile, she has all her parts and looks perfect! We think she has my lips, and she likes to suck her thumb!

I wanted a boy...but thats gone now and I couldnt be happier and am now soo excited to start looking for girl things!

Her name will be Savanna Jeanette Jensen. OH and according to her measurements Im 20 weeks not 19, so that is awesome,i got to skip a week! Im officially half way, And her Due date is now Halloween! I still havnt gained any weight, so to me that is awesome cause they said the baby looks perfect and healthy and is right on track! Whoo hooo! Whoo hoooo!
Tuesday, June 10, 2008

PostHeaderIcon give me my pumpkin seeds or you will be sorry

Im pretty much an emtional monster now. Yeah, I am.

On sat on our way home from the zoo steven asked me to stop in at a gas station cause he was thirsty. I asked for a snapple and some pumpkin seeds. Harmless right? HA!

So he goes in, Comes back a few minutes later with a bag of goodies, we head on our way home. He hands me my drink, give Brynn hers opens his and starts eating some jerky.

"So, can i have my pumpkin seeds?" I asked CALMLY (at this point)

::blank stare from steven::

"hello?" i said

"shit, im sorry babe, i totally forgot"

::getting angry inside::

"seriosuly, you forgot? are you kidding? you have to be kidding right?"

"No im sorry, But i have some trail mix you can have" he says as he holds the pack of trail mix up in the air.

***warning this is where the monsters appears***

I slapped the bag of trail mix out of his hand onto the floor and said "where are my damn pumpkin seeds?"

"i said sorry...." was his response

i rambled on with a few "how could you forget? you got everything YOU wanted. All i wanted was some damn pumpkin seeds. I cant believe you forgot.....

At this point there are tears (no not from steven) im talking real sad tears runnig down my face as i sit quietly driving trying to stay calm. like someone just ran over my dog, seriously crying. like a little kid. ( doing EXACTLY what i tell brynn NOT to do) cause i didnt get what i wanted.

He then slowly raises up a bag of pumpkin seeds and says " there is no need to cry over food fattie! " as he laughs.

ERRRRRR. I was sooooo mad. I think im still mad. It was not funny.
Saturday, June 7, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Today we went to the zoo.

It was a beautiful day. There was lots to see.

There were Meerkats
And Groundhogs
And Wallaby's
And Rhinos
And Tigers
And gorillas
oh yeah, and one of these!

I couldn't resist after I took this picture by total chance, I just had to follow threw. In true Richard spirit!

Friday, June 6, 2008

PostHeaderIcon oh its getting closer!

So a week from today we have our scheduled ultrasound apt. And of course if we can see were going to find out what it is! OBVIOUSLY we want to know really bad!

just so that no one gets mad or there feelings hurt next Friday when they look at my blog to find out....IT WONT BE POSTED. You will all have to wait to find out until SUNDAY! Since you all cant be there with us when we find out, we would like to be with you all when you find out! and well what better day for steven to announce to his family what were having than fathers day!

**Mary will be the only one to know on Friday as she is hopefully going to be going to our apt with us and Brynn!!!** BUT she is sworn to secrecy!
Sunday, June 1, 2008

PostHeaderIcon ahhhh, camping. One of my many favorite things to do!

Here she is, in all her SMORE eatin' glory!

I have been camping ever since I can remember Every Holiday weekend During the summer growing up, was spent camping at Lake Pillsbury, or along the Eel River. My Parents would only take vacations during camping season so that we could spend our time off doing what we loved.

Many of my great childhood memories involve camping, and I hope to provide the same love of camping to our children!

Steven and I have been on Some great camping trips since we have been together and there are many more planned! We are so lucky to live where we do, there are so many great places to explore right in our own back yard!

Here are some Pictures from our most recent camping adventure!

This is what camping means to p-chomp!

We made a great Breakfast Sunday morning, and then spent the rest of the day relaxing, napping, playing cards, napping, reading. No one wanted to do the dishes, so my husband decided since we were playing cards that whoever won the next hand didn't have to do the dishes.I WON!!

but apparently doing dishes is tiring, and requires a chair!

PostHeaderIcon Moving day at GG marys.

All though moving day at great grandma marys was bitter-sweet, and very hard for vicki we did manage to get threw it with laughter and have a little fun along the way! Im glad we could help, and glad we got done as much as we did that day! Thank you Grandmoo for our little treasures! They have made great additions to our home, And I think its important to always have things that are handed down, they help you preserve your memories, This way when brynn asks about things, they have stories and she gets to learn about our childhoods! And steven will get to remember his as he tells her! I have many things that have been handed down to me that mean a lot....hummm sounds like a great idea for another blog!

heres some great shots from the day!Steven and JJ are always good for a laugh!

PostHeaderIcon My pretty pretty car!

On Thursday morning I FINALLY got my car back after just over a month of not having it! MAN after a month of driving Stevens truck my car felt like a luxury ride! I have it back,and after the $5200 face lift, its actually in better condition than it was before the accident, they fixed a dent that was already there! he he! So she is back, and all pretty!

Here's a pic of the damage my hubby did!

All in all it worked out fine. We still haven't received FINAL word on the fault of the accident, and since the other person is also insured by geico its been a long drawn out battle. But The opposing adjuster was SO rude to my husband and actually laughed at him when he told him he was injured in the accident, Steven stood up for himself (I'm very proud to say!) And called his supervisor, Well Geico is very big on customer service and Felt very bad about the way he was treated, Paid our deductible as a piece offering to not loose our business, and FIRED the rude guy! They said no matter the decision our rate will not go up, and they paid our deductible, so really were only out of pocket the ER co-pay. and that was partially covered by our supplemental insurance! So no matter the final outcome, were all good.

PostHeaderIcon get ready.....

Im back from a relaxing night at my cousins! I found the cord for my camera...and im ready to blog! they come!