Monday, March 3, 2008

PostHeaderIcon DISNEYLAND!

My husband is a hopeless Romantic, very thoughtful, and always trying to suprise me! dont get me wrong he still does ALL the annoying man things! but he did suprise me with a disneyland trip for Valentines day! I had no idea we were going untill the very last minute, he came home from work and said pack a bag were going somewhere! awww...I really thought we were going to my cousins cause I had been dying to go visit her and she lives near Montery! NOPE! We didnt get to take little miss Brynn, it was the weekend of her moms baby shower, so that was a bummer, but we had an amazing half weekend at the happiest place on earth! It was good to have some time that was just for us. we needed that! We ran around that place like little kids! It was well worth the 14 hours that we spent driving there and back! And hey it guess what? I ended up getting pregnant that weekend! who knew that a weekend at the happiest place on earth would end in the result of a brand new life! HOW AMAZING! I believe everythign happens for a reason, and all thought brynn didnt get to go, if she had we may not have been doin the deed in the hotel! lol!!!


Sarah Michele said...

Yeah, I have to say it was a VERY good thing Brynn didn't get to go :) So are you gonna name the baby something Disney related?? Maybe Aladdin? Oh, how bout Mike Wizowski?

Vicki said...

How about Pluto, or Goofy
Goofy Jensen, no wait, don't we have one of those?

Sarah Michele said...


Monica said...

love mike wizowski!