Thursday, February 28, 2008

PostHeaderIcon today!

so far today i have eaten,

honey nut cheerios with a banana.
this didnt really appitize me. i had nothing else to eat so i forced my self to eat most of it.

i had a snack just before lunch of apple slices dipped in peanut butter. now i really dont like peanut butter, but is sounded and tasted good.
and i had a lean cuisine for lunch of rice and enchlada. very tasty.
im not going to continue eating lean cuisenes for lunch, but i have a bunch of them in my freezer, and well they are not bad for you, so after they are all gone i most likely wont buy any more.
Its my goal to start making myself a health lunch, on sundays i would like to start cooking some extra food for me to eat threwout the week for lunch. or i will be bringing the leftovers of whatever we ate for dinner the night before!
that is my plan.

i also had a great big glass of cranberry juice. Im working on drinking more water. im very bad at this, allthough when i was on weightwatchers i did normally go threw 6 to 8 bottles of water a day. BUT they were not just water. I use the crystal light packets, but those are made with artificial not good to have while pregnant

i had a handful of cheese its when i got home.
for dinner my hubby made me BBQ tri tip, potatos and garlic bread! it was yummy!

i was so busy baking last night, that i hardly snacked at all, i just ate a few of the candies that i was using to decoate my nephews birthday cake!

PostHeaderIcon Hello morning sickness!

How exciting! today is the first morning that i feel nauseous. blah. I have been having horrible heart burn in the middle of the night, and I'm talking BAD. I normally don't go longer than two days without heartburn, i have a horrible case of acid reflux disease. but the medicine i take for that cannot be taken while pregnant. so I'm living on tums! tum-ta-tum-tum tums! lol!
But this morning as i sit here in my office, thinking about how i really wanted to stay in bed with my hubby today, Thursday's are his day off...:(
and i really want to throw up. i think ill feel better after i do, but i cant. so I'm sitting here trying to force feed myself cheerios with bananas.
Wednesday, February 27, 2008

PostHeaderIcon what fun!

ok so i cant eat a whole bunch of stuff, i cant drink like anything ai like to drink, and im not talking alocohol, im talking coffee,soda, crystal light nope i need to LIMIT that reall low.

im about to get fatter. yep fat-er! im already fat, im a big girl i think i always have been bigger than everyone else, but looking back i want really fat till about 5 years ago, i got sick and got fat, never been able to loose it, recently i lost 12 lbs! that was a HUGE accomplishment for me, but im about to gain that back....and then some!

i have a lot of nice clothes, i work in a nice place so i have to dress nice. well that just means that im about to have to go buy a bunch of new clothes. maternity clotes! im excited but also not!
were offially on a BUDGET now, which means that we wont be doing or buying much things that are a neccessity! i guess clothe to cover my belly are going to have to be a necessity!

i know a few recent moms so hopefully ill be able to squeeze myself into some prego hand me downs! good thing i love those! i love anything free...i must admit!! lol!!

ok im going to buy frosting! LOL~!

no....not a craving, for my nephews birthday! im making his cake! so check back soon for more cake pics!!

i also need to get my but in gear and sell some candles....we need some money to start saving with!

ok enough rambling.....


ok well the wait is over! i called at 12 cause im very impatient!

its POSITIVE!!!!!!!!!

who hoo,

but no i have to wait till march 27th for my dr appt! BLAH!

PostHeaderIcon Could it be?

well I have been feeling, well not myself for the last week, just sort of different. i felt fine, but my boobs were sooooooo sore, sore to the point that when i take my bra off, I would cry.

So Saturday afternoon I took a test! and there was a line, faint line, but definitely a line. My hubby is ecstatic! so Sunday morning I took another, another line!

I feel pregnant! I'm tired, I'm cranky, I'm HUNGRY all the time. I already had an appt scheduled for my yearly hoo-ha exam, for next Tuesday! so lucky me i dont have to wait much longer!

My wonderful aunt that works in labor and delivery at kaiser, told me I could just walk in and get a pregnancy test to be sure! and that way they would have it in the computer, and she could get me an appt with an ob sooner! So last night all excited I drove to Kaiser, Asked them for a test. they gave me the cup to pee in and told me to put it in the slot when i was finished. And then i sat in the waiting room....well waiting.
Finally the guy asked me why i was there and i told him i was waiting! and he told me that the lab was "closed" and to call tomorrow (well today) after 3!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLAHHHHHHHHHHHH! are you kidding me!

well, that wasn't good enough for me so i went and bought more pregnancy tests and they were all positive too! lol!!

So i am still waiting on the "official" hospital test, but i think 7 pregnancy tests later I'm pregnant! lol!

I'm sooooo excited! and very anxious!
there is so much to do, so much to get, so much to think about. We should probably move so that our kids dint have to share a room, i want a bigger car (even though there isn't anything wrong with mine, I'm just being bratty and probably wont get a different car.) I need maternity clothes, i need baby stuff, oh god....there is so much to do!
Thursday, February 7, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Pirate cake!

This was my first attempt at a cake that actually required more than a cake mix and frosting!

This was for my step-daughters 4th birthday, yes step daughter! she LOVES pirates, and insisted on having a Pirate themed party, so we all wore bandanas and eye patches, her pinata was a treasure chest and we even had a pirate jumpy house!

This cake was tons of fun, and challenging but definitly worth all the time it took, she was soo happy with the finished product that she wanted to keep it and not let anyone eat it!

PostHeaderIcon What ever will be.....will be

Well where to start? I guess a little background would be nice....

My name is Monica and I am 25, recently married, and the proud step-mom to a wonderful 4 year old girl named Brynn. I work Full time for a private golf club in the Sonoma Valley, And I sell Partylite candles as well. I have always had a lot of ambition, and wanted to achieve so many things, thus i have started MANY projects and endeavors.....started being the key word.
I used to want to be a firefighter, so in high school I volunteered at the local fire station, Went to EMT school and became an EMT, that IS something that i actually finished, but when i started to actually work as an EMT, I guess i realized that it just wasnt for me.....So I started taking classes to get my POST cirtification to become a police officer, and about a year into that....i guess that wasnt my thing either!
So I worked in a bank, sold Partylite and lived my life trying to decide what it is that REALLY want to do. I got into a relationship and decided that I just wanted to have a family. Well after about 2 years of that, it was appearent that wasnt going to happen, the other half of the "relationship" just wasnt for me!
WHAT IS FOR ME????? is all i could think...... what is going to be MY thing? what am I going to do with MY life??!! Dental hygene school...NO, Nursing school...well have yet to actually get that ball rolling. but i feel that could be in my future.
So i moved away, not too far, but far enough, I thought I would go to school...nope never did that. But I did end up with the best life i could have asked for.

I moved away from my "firmiliar" surroundings, left my toxic relationship and moved away with just one great girlfriend. And sought out to figure out my life and what i wanted. With the thougth...... "what ever will be, will be" and that will just be.

I ended up falling head over heeles in love with an old friend, who ever so quickly swept me off my feet, taught me what love really is, and has been the greatest addition to my life. He has taught me how to love, how to live, and how to be strong threw the hard times. he is my ROCK.

which leads me to where i am today, In Love with an amazing husband, have a beautiful step-daughter and plans for a few of our own, I have a great job that I love, I still sell candles on the side, and a great love for crafts. I love to Scrapbook, it is a great passion of mine. I have recently learned to Crochet, and have developed a henkering for making cakes. I consider my self to be very creative.
With that said, I start this blog, as a outlet for my creativity. No one may ever read this; this could be a "must read" someday, i have no hopes or goals for this blog, what ever will be will be!