Wednesday, March 19, 2008

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So i have this great series of little books, its called if...(QUESTIONS FOR THE GAME OF LIFE)
It makes a great addition to any road trip, so i figure it would make a great addition to my blog!

so here goes my first questions to you!

*If you could ensure that your child have one experience that you have had your self, what would you want it to be?

-mine is that my children have the ability to really know, truly know all of there living grandparents, great...etc. My grandparents have made a profound impact in my life, with out them i would be a different person!

*If you had to loose one of your limbs which one would you sacrifice?
-I would have to say my foot. i really need both hands, i think i would do good

so what are your answers?


Vicki said...

Interesting questions
Like you, I would rather loose a foot than an arm or hand, how about an ear lobe, or a pinky finger
I would like my kids to have had my Italian family upbringing. It was very ethnic and interesting.

Also, bye bye rooster. Yippee

Marni Tiani Self said...

Interesting thoughts. I too would be lost and not who I was without who I've had. If that makes any sense to you... lol.

As far as what I'd lose... Uhm, I'd rather lose an arm than a leg. I have a hard enough time balancing!

Mary said...

Limbs are legs and arms... so I would much rather loose an arm.

I would want my children to experience the magic of having a baby. The immense joy of looking at them,and that you did it!