Saturday, October 25, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Savanna Jeanette Jensen October 24th, 2008 1:26 am

I can not even begin to describe how amazingly perfect she is. Wow.
She is tiny, but she has a huge presence. She is just captivating.
Im going to write her birth story, with her timeline...its a long time line as my water broke at 7:52 am and she was born at 1:26 am! But in the mean time I wanted to share with you all some great photos of this beautiful baby of ours.

I just love this picture!

pretty girl

Daddy cutting the cord

Mommy feeding Savanna

very proud daddy

Savanna with Umma

Savanna with Grandma

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

PostHeaderIcon finally!

well today was interesting! My appointment was at 3 pm they finally called me in. I sat there untill 3:50 they came in and numbed me up. 4pm my tooth was out!

Im really lucky that my wisdom teeth have grown in with lots of room and perfectly straight because he didnt have to even cut my gum he was able to just pull it out! I took about 2 minutes.

however, I dont reccommend ever going to western dental. My regular dentist doesnt remove wisdom teeth, and I really didnt have the time to wait for a referral to a surgeon so I went to western dental. and they happened to have a oral surgeon in this week so it worked out, but appointments dont really mean anything to that place cause I got there 10 minutes before my appointment, at 12:30 and wasnt seen untill almost 4....My brother was a champ though he hung out with me with out complaining untill i got called back, then he went and got soemthing to eat and ran a few errands. he came back to get me, took me to get some jello and ice cream and then home!

I do have to say the people watching was quite amazing today! wow! So that made the time pass a little faster!
I hoping that i heal fast, Im so tired of my mouth hurting!! But at least its over with, and I will be done with my antibiotics by saturday!
Monday, October 13, 2008

PostHeaderIcon counting down the days!

This picture made me laugh because steven asked me the other night if he were to dangle a carrot between my legs if she would come out? lol! what the heck? she isnt a rabbit! And I doubt that she is holding out for a carrot! maybe a cookie? lol!
I went to the dr today, My cervix is shortening !!!! yeah progress! Im not dialating or anything yet, but its still progress. My dr seems to think that it will be another few weeks. :( Im soooo excited to meet her that i just want her here now!
But at least I seem to have time to get my tooth taken care of and finish my antibiotics before she gets here! So that is great news.
Also, I have officially gained 9 lbs! So looks like she is fixin' to be a good size baby! She is head down, and i think she is in the process of "dropping" To me she feels farther down in my pelvis the last few days and have noticed a little relief int he heartburn dept!
Friday, October 10, 2008

PostHeaderIcon ouch, i have a horrible toothache!

So i went to the dentist this evening, thinking that i was probably going to need a root canal, I mean i was in so much pain the past couple days, And last time that happened i needed a root canal.

WELL when i got there they found out the tooth ache was coming from my wisdom tooth. I have 3 of them. They are not all the way in yet, and there is a lot of room in my mouth (hahaha, i have a big mouth!) so my dentist has left them in since they have never giving me any problems. But appearently there is a cavity hiding someplace in this tooth, and well they dont like to mess around with wisdom teeth, So they are going to pull it. As they probably should have already done a few years ago. BUT i have to wait untill wednesday.

They started me on anti-biotics and gave me some pain reliever, I really dont like taking anything since im pregnant-pain wise I just dont like it. And have avoided it But today the pain is just so bad that i had to give in and take some. I know its safe, Cause my dr had to send the dentist a list of what a can take while pregnant, and what they can do to me and all that good stuff but i just dont like it still.

But Im hoping that After the anti biotics start doing there thing that in it self will help relieve the pain and I wont need to keep taking pain meds all the way till wednesday.

Im also scared to get it pulled, i think its just cause im pregnant and worried that its going to cause me to go into labor or somethign silly, so my brother is going to take the day off work and take me to my appt and then spend the day hanging out with me till steven gets off work just in case! He said hes going to make me milkshakes!

isnt that sweet? what a nice brother.

well that is my news for the day. Im about to put my jammies on and get in bed.