Sunday, March 29, 2009

PostHeaderIcon She Picked it herself!

We Spent Friday in the city, we told the girls they could each pick a souviner....this was savannas choice

And she wants you to know, She stole Gene Simmons' Tounge
Uhhh....this shirt really brings out the red in her hair.

PostHeaderIcon Working on the camper.

This weekend we spent some time trying to fix up our tent trailor. We bought this with the intentions of fixing it up, and oh a year or two later...we finally started!

when we moved we got some rebate from ATT, i guess it was a thank you for keeping there service or something...whatever. we got a free gift card. hummm..what to do with that money! Well we had a nice family day in the city, but that is another blog! And whit the left overs from that gift card we did a lil fixin of the trailor!

First, I did the floors, This is the before

The During,
Chomps really likes to help. he is a very active member of the family!
And here are they are after! Such an amazing Difference.
I like to think i have Peel-n-stick tile skills! im pretty good.
Then today Steven and my brother took the trailor comepletely apart, there were some places that the wood needed to be replaced, it was rotted out, and some things we wanted to change.
They took the canvas off, and pressure washed it and scrubbed the heck out of it. Looks much better now
We also needed to re-do the counter top, and we decided to take out the sink part of it, as it didnt work that well, and we would rather have the counter space! So Steven and Dan cut out a new counter top and attached it, so that i could re-do the surface of it.
i guess when i went to the store, they needed some help, savanna showed them how to use the tools!
Then I did the top
lookin good!
We Put the counter back in
I re did those cusions last year.
and then Nana needed a nap. She was so tired from all that hard work! :)
Tuesday, March 24, 2009

PostHeaderIcon 5 months!

Holy moly. 5 months already?

this cant be right..Nov...December...Jan...Feb...March...CRAP. Its right.

Well here is an update on the Cheeks.

Her cheeks are as big as ever, no sign of them getting any smaller :)
She LOVES rice cereal, and has so far Tried only Peaches and Bananas. NOT a big fan of bananas but they say it takes like 10 times to try something before you develope a taste for it. something like that. So were going to keep up with the bananas for a week or so and see what happens
We need to get her a highchair now that she likes to eat, she does not like to eat laying back in her little bouncie chair and wont stay in her bumbo...(see below)
She likes to try to hold her own bottle lately, only shes not good at it yet, So i think we need to look into changing to the wider versions of the bottles we use, that may help her out....she gets mad!
She Can roll from her back to her stomach, but NOT from her stomach to her back. He chubbly little arm gets in the way.
She is trying like heck to move when she is on her stomach....she can get a few inches forward. I think she is determined to crawl early.
She is cutting teeth. One is totally threw on the bottom in the front, I thought 4 more (eye teeth) were coming threw as her gums were all white in those spots but now it doesnt seem so. maybe they took a break.
Thank goodness for teething tablets they are a life saver...Huh amanda? lol!
Amanda has now taken over for Sarah. Only a week earlier than planned. She decided to give amanda a run for her money on monday. Not really but she was just fussy....teething fussy. But today is doing great...even took a nap! We are SO greatful to Amanda for taking on Savanna. I dont know what we would do without her, cause I honestly dont think I could send her to daycare. I would be a nervous wreck the thought of it makes my stomach turn. No one loves your baby like your family. so we need to convince amanda to stick around as long as possible!!! hint hint night classes hint hint! lol!
She LOVES to play in her bouncie, we like to call her lord of the dance. I got to get a video of it, its funny.
She has outgrown her bumbo, or should i say outsmarted it, She learned that if she turned around completely and leaned she could POP her leg out and fall out, since she learned that there is no keeping her in that thing. she seemed to not mind that she falls on her face. this girl is a MOVER. there is no keeping her still.
On that note, we had better start baby proofing we need to get a few gates for the top and bottom of the stairs.
She is now weating 6 to 9 months clothes...little chunker. She is in the 93% for her weight, and only like the 35% for her height!
She is changing by the day, i just want her to stay tiny......
Sunday, March 22, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Banana Goodness!

Have you tried these yet? OMG they are to die for....oh man, they are definitly one of those items that you could sit and eat the whole box. They are like little crunchy banana breads. ohhhhhh. soooo good.
Really they arent that bad for you, you can have 24 of them for 3g of fat!
Steven discovered these tonight at the store and oh man are they good.
Mary, steven says that you will LOVE them.
little banana bread goodness in a teddy bear shape.
**steven did not take this pic, i stole it from yahoo images**
*wich also must mean there great if others are taking pics of them in the store**
Wednesday, March 18, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Relay for Life

I will be participating in Relay for Life this year, On team PartyLite.
want to join my team?

Saturday 10am to Sunday 10am, September 12-13, 2009

Event Location

Maria Carillo High School, Santa Rosa
Tuesday, March 17, 2009

PostHeaderIcon reminds me of mary **updated so yoiu can see the whole picture!**

This reminded me of mary.

Cause her and steven have a daily conversation where they try to out-do each other with dirty words.

another reason i love  you mary!

PostHeaderIcon Savanna, Not quite the Banana lover

So we tried a new fruit this weekend, Banana's

she was not to fond of them at first, she much preffered the Rice cereal my mom was mixing the bananas with.
but we did manage to FINALLY get a good shot of her SMILE on camera!!!!
oh my messy faced nana eater!
Monday, March 16, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Happy St. Patties Day

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PostHeaderIcon St Patties Day Cookies!

I love to bake, I dont know that im all too good at it or anything, but I try and be creative.

I made Shamrock cookies for brynns scholl tomorrow
My mom helped me finish decorating them and packaging them up all pretty like
Here they all are, all 25 of them!

PostHeaderIcon Forgetting Sarah marshall

Has everyone seen this movie? Well there is a LOT of sex and nudity. And its a super funny movie!

well yesterday my mom and my brother cam over for dinner and to hang out. We were watching this movie.

So my bother was playing wtih Savanna, and I was of course taking lots and lots of pictures, So today I just uploaded my pictures and was looking threw them.... I started laughing so hard tears were rolling down my face....I showed my co-workers...who were also laughing..And So now i need to share with the rest of the family.

Here is my beautiful daughter..... never mind the background! Sheesh!
Monday, March 9, 2009

PostHeaderIcon A day with the Greats!

Yesterday we went to Napa to spend the day with Great Grandma & Grandpa Chambers! We had such a great time, We havnt ever spent any 1 on 1 family time with them, and Really steven hasnt been able to do this for a VERY long time. So it was overdue, and really a great treat!

We arrived around 1
Sadly enough this is our very first photo together as a family of 4. sad i know. But im sure the first of many many more to come!
Grandma and her girls!
Brynn read Great Grandma "red fish blue fish" Because we have a super genious on our hands, can now read dr seuss books BY HER SELF!
Grandpa made us Delicious Burgers and sausage, beans and salad! OHH and yummy bread!
Savanna likes to just hang out
Savanna Hung out and played while we ate!
Savanna and I watched as Grandma and Brynnie made cookies
She is a professional cookie maker now
Picking your cutters is a very serious decision
Savanna talked to them the whole time, super funny!
We sat around and chatted a bit, and then headed home around 5. Such a great day, So glad to get to spend time together, Its definily something we will do more often!
Saturday, March 7, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Savanna laughing at Daddy

Some words trigger her to laugh, they are usually foods. Wanted to share, she is so stinking cute!

PostHeaderIcon BBQ Chicken Pizza Dinner!

Well Steven has been wanting to go to Old Chicago Pizza lately, But since were on a super budget we wont be going there for a while, So today he asked if I could make Pizza for dinner....Well since we are Both currently on a diet I searched for a recipe for a low fat crust! FOUND a GREAT one! and then thought about what I could put on it that wouldnt make it full of fat! Here is what i ended up with!

BBQ chicken Pizza!
I made it entirely from scratch!
Started with the dough, A low fat recipie! And sooo Tasty you would never know it only had 1 gram if fat per serving of 2 heaping slices (not counting the toppings of course)
Here is the start of my yeast rising!
Adding the rest of the flour,
All Kneaded up and starting to raise,
so i grilled up some chicken with BBQ sause,
Cut up some onions and Garlic, Had some left over corn in the fridge, chopped up the Chicken
Decided to Make Brynn her own special little pizza
Sause, corn, chicken and cheese here!
Couldnt locate Pizza steven rolled ours into cookie sheet size!
(Our first use of Great Grandmas Butcher Block, many many more uses to come!)
added the lowfat mozzerella, BBQ sause, chicken, corn, Onions, Garlic and Cilantro.
What a yummy dinner! And it was low in fat and pretty healthy. We also had salad, and a lot of fun making it!