Thursday, December 3, 2009

PostHeaderIcon announcing baby scout!

"It's never the right time to have kids, but it's always the right time for screwing. God's not a dumbshit. He knows how it works."- shitmydadsays twitter! 

I know its a little vulgar, but HILARIOUS and so true in our life right now! 

We just found out Monday that we are expecting baby #2. CRAZY. 

Timing is horrible, I'm out of work, fighting with unemployment, worried about paying bills, and now we are faced with the wonderfully scary situation of figuring out how to clothe and feed another child, how we will squeeze 3 children into our car since we cant afford a bigger car. and now im kicking myself for not keeping all of the bigger things like swings and such.

But at the same time, its probably the BEST time, I'm out of work and focusing on our children, unemployment will eventually start and we wont be as strapped, we will live within our means and provide for our family, we wont be rich but I know that there are many people out there struggling with less, I'm blessed to have a wonderful, hardworking husband that supports me and our family, he works for an amazing company that is family run and has embraced us as part of theirs. We live in a beautiful house, we both drive new cars, our children are HEALTHY, we love each other, and we really have everything we NEED. There will always be food on our table and gas in our cars even if we shop at the good will and dont wear designer clothes our house will always be filled with love.

I will learn to be more FRUGAL with our hard earned money, I will learn how to stretch every dollar to its fullest, be less wasteful, and learn to feed my husband leftovers! This will not be easy but it will have great rewards! I will have lots of time to spend with savanna and brynn before or little bundle of joy arrives, and Hopefully in the next seven months we will have a plan as to what comes next. 

At first we were both very overwhelmed, But every baby is a blessing, So we will embrace this baby and this pregnancy with as much love and joy as the the last. And yes we are very much hoping for a boy, but as long as its healthy that is all that really matters!

We Find out next wednesday just how far along we are, since we were definitly not trying I wasnt keeping track and cant honestly remember when my last period was. Im hoping im about 8 weeks, that way they will be able to see a heartbeat and give me great estamation of a due date at my appointment!