Tuesday, April 29, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Specks Very Own Webiste!
Check it out! I am in the process of adding to it! All the little mile stones, Dr. Appts and Journal of how im feeling and what is going on!

I hope that its something you all enjoy, I will send you all the Invite to it in your regular mail, as well as have a link to it on my blog!

In the last two weeks I have made tremendous improvements in how im feeling, The pain from the cyst is nearly gone and my energy level is starting to rise. no good news for steven my hormnones havent gone in his favor yet and im really still wanting zero affection. But i love him to death so thats all that matters! (oh and i am nice to him!)

I have had a rather rough weekend and past few days with my grandma, she seems to be slipping rather fast these days. I know ts mainly due to dehydration as her motto seems to be "if i dont drink i wont need to pee" which is not doing anything good for her brain! its making her loopy, she cant even figure out how to answer the phone lately- and that makes me worry that shes fallen or dead when i call! So I am taking her to the dr tomorrow, and hopefully the dr can talk some sense into her, and convince her its time for some in home care, at least once a day. So hopefully tomorrow is productive and she listens to the dr before i ring her neck! (lovingly of course!)


Marni Tiani Self said...

How cool! Yup, I got the link and checked it out. :)

Vicki said...

I understand your grandmas water philosophy, it is also my moms.
Your a good Granddaughter to take care of her like you do.
Love Specks site too. Amazing, babies have web sites before they are even born. Ultra Boss!