Monday, April 7, 2008

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In case you havnt seen this on the news yet, 3 dumbasses scaled the Golden Gate Bridge this morning, to put up a free tibet sign, in protest to the olympics, and chinas human rights record, and the impending arrival of the olympic torch to SF.

OK I am a strong believer of the 1st Amendment. and im not saying the free tibet cause isnt a good one, But Protesters in general piss me off, They annoy me, whether i agree with the reason they are protesting or not. I don't know why, maybe i just feel that standing on a street corner isn't really being productive getting people to honk at you isn't doing jack. or maybe its because where we live most protesters are hippies, and annoy me already. You are not really doing anything to help your cause. If you want to protest something you believe in then you should create an organization with others who feel your cause, have a meeting or event to raise awareness and funds to donate to the cause you so strongly believe in. Take your cause and the proof supporting your cause to the capitol, to the lawmakers, to the assemblymen, have your voice heard by those who can make a change. But use normal means of advertising this, flyer's, ads, radio....don't stand on the corner and DISTRACT TRAFFIC, OR CLIMB A BRIDGE AND PUT PEOPLES SAFETY IN JEOPARDY. Don't shove your belief in my face at the grocery store, or at an event that I obviously support or I wouldn't be going there. I would rather read about your cause in a NEWSPAPER, or some publication or positive media coverage. Not be bombarded.
Making an ass out of your self does only that, and people will only remember that you made an ass out of your self, not the reason why.

Don't be an ASS to get your point across. In all honesty, even if this had been people supporting the troops, Which i believe strongly in, i would be just as irritated by this for several reasons.
You have NO right to climb on a Bridge and put the safety of countless individuals at risk. Cause traffic congestion, and distract Drivers on an already narrow and dangerous bridge. I'm also pissed, not only at the dumb asses who climbed up there, but the Golden Gate Bridge Authority, whom we pay a great deal of money to every time we cross the bridge, Where is the security on the bridge? They did this is broad daylight. they could have easily had a bomb and destroyed the entire bridge and countless lives in the process.
So what the hell are those CHP officers really doing parked by the bridge if they cant even keep protesters from scaling the friggen bridge how are they to thwart any real terrorist attack?


Vicki said...

Amen sister

Mary said...

I understand what you are was a very dangerous thing to do..

I would have liked to see them arrested or fined...

It really opens a look at the bridge security..

Valerie said...

AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree!!

Monica said...

well it did say in the news that the people that were waiting below for them were arrested, so hopefull they were arrested as well!