Thursday, April 17, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Windsor?

So we got a great lead on a house for rent in Windsor! thanks to my wonderful mother in law who happens to work with the owners!!
We talked with her last night, she told us about the place, sounds nice and from what i have managed to find on the internet about the other condos in that complex they look nice and roomy!
Its less expensive then the house were in now but 300 sq ft larger, still only a 2 bedroom, but being bigger it will be fine. Kids really only sleep in there rooms anyway. Ill be sad to move but it will really be benificial once the baby comes and im driving (hopefully to sarahs) every morning. If we still lived in petaluma i would be driving almost 100 miles a day. NO THANK YOU! at least in windsor i would have to go threw santa rosa every day anyway and brynns school, and daycare for the baby would be right on my way! Plus windsor is really a nice little place! Oh and its only a few blocks from marys windsor office! So that would make visits more convienent!
keep your fingers crossed its nice and we like it! Sounds like we could move in pretty we may be recruiting help for that!


Vicki said...

cool beans. Hope it works out for you

Marni Tiani Self said...

Windsor is freaking awesome. I highly recommend it.