Tuesday, April 15, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Speck update!

I got to hear Specks Heartbeat for the first time! It was very exciting, She said it sounded perfect, 160 bpm. And she doesn't believe that I'm having round ligament pain, she found a rather large cyst on my right ovary and suspects this is where the pain is coming from. She said it is supposed to be there, that its reason for being is to release some hormone that I need right now, but that mine is just several times larger than it should be but not abnormal and nothing to be alarmed about. And that it should be going away soon. That is quite a relief that there is an end in sight to the pain! And that everything else looks perfect and healthy!

It was my first routine apt with my OB. . She is highly recommended by my aunt who works in Labor and Delivery at Kaiser. I'm not quite sure if i like her, she seems nice but we have a rather large difference in opinion about weight gain. Obviously I'm not a small girl i never have been i may never be and that is OK with me I'm happy with who i am. I have done tons and tons of reading on weight gain recommended for those who are over weight. And when I Met with the NP for my ultrasound she told me the same guidelines. Well yesterday my Dr told me that i should not gain any weight during my pregnancy. Well obviously no one wants to gain a ton of weight, But I eat a pretty balanced diet, and i try really hard to not eat crap and have been doing well, and the way I look at it, if i keep doing that and i keep active and i gain weight then well i must need the weight. Im not going to sit around and eat bon bons and jack in the box all day. I do not want to be shamed if i gain weight, I'm not going to starve myself and my child of nutrients. But I'm also not going to be a gluttonous pig. im going to keep a balance. And I have gained Nothing since my last appt, and Only 3 lbs in the 10.5 weeks ive been pregnant. I feel my body changing, my stomach is starting to stick out more than usual and my normal pants are not comfy!

This is what i found on the kaiser website,
**The recommended weight gain for a woman of normal weight is 25lb(11.3kg) to 35lb(15.9kg). A gain of 30lb(13.6kg) usually consists of the following:
The baby weighs 7.5lb(3.4kg).
The placenta weighs 1.5lb(0.7kg).
amniotic fluid
weighs 2lb(0.9kg).
The uterus weighs 2lb(0.9kg).
Breast tissue weighs 2lb(0.9kg).
Excess blood and fluids weigh 8lb(3.6kg).
Fat weighs 7lb(3.2kg).
If you are overweight, your ideal goal is less than the average weight gain, 15lb(6.8kg) to 25lb(11.3kg). If you are underweight, it is best to gain 28lb(12.7kg) to 40lb(18.1kg).

If i were to not gain any weight, and all of the above things were in normal range, i would essentially be loosing weigh during my pregnancy. That is not something I'm willing to do. It seems counter active. I'm not willing to risk my child's health just cause she doesn't want me to gain a few pounds. So ill have to work harder to loose it after. Big deal, having a beautiful HEALTHY child will be worth gaining some weight and working hard to loose it after the birth and before getting pregnant again.
When i asked her if there were any serious health issues or reasons why i shouldn't gain ANY weight or if it would cause complications, she said no, I'm in perfect health, i have a healthy heart, i have perfect blood pressure, I'm just over weight.
Well I'm not a superficial person, and i don't believe that i want a Dr that is either. If there is NO health reason for me or my baby why tell me to try to gain Nothing?. and further more my weight was not even brought up to me by my primary care Dr when I had my checkup before we started trying to get pregnant.
My feelings are not hurt, im not offended, but i feel if there is not a medical reason then its just superficial and im not willing to be on a diet. Im pregnant, i know with pregnancy comes weight. I know with weight comes a lot of work to loose it. Obviously I knew this before i got pregnant.
i may seek a new OB, I'm thinking it threw. well see how my next apt goes!


Vicki said...

It's ok honey, you'll gain, maybe 20 - 25 lbs, big deal, you'll get it off afterwards, and the baby and all its components will be mostly the 20- 25 lbs anyway.
OBs Always rag on a pregnant woman not to gain weight. ALWAYS.
Snarkey, they are all Snarky, I gained over 50 lbs with my first baby. It came off. Your young and fit.
As long as you don't pig out you should be fine.
Blow her off, if she is good USE her. Thats what you are hiring her for. She works for you.

Monica said...

Thank you! that made me fell much better. I just thoght that was an aweful thing to tell a pregnant woman.
i wonder now if she even has kids.

Mary said...

I think you hit it on the head and used the word balance. If you eat healthy you can have all you want, if you eat crappy, you are putting the baby at risk..

you have a balance. The problem comes later when you are in the
7, 8 and 9th month when your blood pressure goes way up naturally to keep up with the babies needs... this makes you very tired and if you have to carry around a great deal of extra weight, you get very tired also...

Keep reading all you can about pregnancy and eat a healthy and balanced diet..and walk... because you will need strong legs for birth..

love ya..

Sarah Michele said...

Yeah! Hearbeat! That is awesome, I was always so reassured when I heard that fast little beat.

As far as weight, if you eat healthy and stay active you'll be just fine. Don't let any one bully you about it, just do what you gotta do!

Thanks for the update on Baby Speck!

Monica said...

thank you all. I really just feel that she could have approached it differently, when i go to the dr i dont want to feel like im getting in trouble if a gain a few pounds.

it was so neat to hear the heartbeat, even though i saw it before it made it seem so much more real!

Vintage Dutch Girl said...


Cute blog! Just came over from Marni's blog.

I am a OB RN, and I think you should just follow the guidlines you found online. They are pretty consistent with what I know.

Be SURE to find an OB doc you actually like. Then your prenatal care will be so much easier on you.

Good for you for being proactive about taking care of yourself and your Speck :)