Wednesday, April 9, 2008

PostHeaderIcon oh my nipple.....

My nipple, the right one to be specific in so much pain right now. Appearently it got cold for the minute it was exposed to the air as i put on my pajamas. And its hard as a rock and so painfull that im almost in tears. I cannot move, it hurts sooo friggin bad. it wont go down no matter what i do. it feels like its frozen and about to fall off.

this nipple is a bitch.

thought i would share, but leave out a pic. that may be going to far! lol!!

Im going to put the heating pad on my nips and go to sleep. Tomorrow night were going to the giants game, maybe ill buy thos heating inserts that you use for your shoes or gloves and put them in my bra so i dont poke out anyones eye.


Vicki said...

Thats a sight to imagine.
Wonder if you have a little milk gland problem.
Maybe if it stays like that you might want to call the doctor. I mean, really!
Oh, and thanks for sharing!
: )

Mary said...

Sarah had some nip issues...

I am sure she will be glad I shared that!

Maybe cutting glass could be a side job...

Marni Tiani Self said...

Ha ha ha... I hated how bad my nipples hurt. I also hated my headlights always being on (as Will called it). :)