Thursday, April 24, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Husband=ok, Car=No so good!

Well steven got into a car accident on tuesday evening on his way home from his rained-out softball game. Fortunately his is ok, unfortunately i cannot say the same for my car! lol!
He was headed home on a road with several blind cerves, when he saw a woman broken down so he slowed down, put on his hazards and pulled up to her to ask if he could help her. Just then the car coming the opposite way slowed down...the car behind him wasnt paying attention to the road and as it was poaring rain couldnt stop in time swerved to miss rear-ending that car coming head on into stevens lane, and well steven!
Steven went to the hospital by ambulance and luckily on suffered some minor muscle sprains and should be good as new in a few days!
The car has some significant damage, and ill post the pics later! But its at the dealership being repaired and were awaiting the police report from the cocky rude police officer that said he got a witness statement and that is was my husbands fault......only to find out that he never spoke with her and from what she told the insurance company it is not my husbands fault, he was in his lane and hit head on....but im sure well get it all straitened out soon enough she is calling the police officer so that he can actually get her statement and amend his report! :)


Mary said...

I am glad he is OK... all the details will work out..

I loved seeing Brynn today... she was laughing really hard on the swings... she actually was gasping for air...too cute!

Vicki said...

thank god he is all right. Doesn't always pay to be the helpful person I guess.

Marni Tiani Self said...

Well, I'm glad your hubby is ok. Good luck with it all.

Sarah Michele said...

God thats so scary! So lucky that he is alright, cars can be fixed or replaced but Stevens can't.

Monica said...

i know it was very scary. I could care less about the car. I just hope he takes it easy....which is not something he is good at!