Monday, April 21, 2008

PostHeaderIcon pack rat syndrome.

well we got a lot accomplished this weekend and did quite a bit of relaxing too!
Sat I visited my grandmas as i do every weekend and make sure she is all taken care of, food in the house, bills paid, house cleaned, laundry know all that stuff!
Then I Dropped of miss b, to her mom. Came home and started packing! Man what a chore. I started throwing a TON of stuff away, well not really away, but in the good will pile for sure. Its amazing how much junk you accumulate in a short amount of time. And I am a packrat. I really need to work on that.
Sunday we purged lots of furniture and now our house looks empty! Then We napped, watched a movie, napped..... I feel rested today.

Im sure i have many more things i could perge...i just need the strnegth to let it go.


Mary said...

don't give it to good will... in September the Sonoma county Kidney crisis is having an annual garage sale and all proceeds go to them..

so... give it to me to store..just like grandmas give away stuff...

and I will get rid of it.

Marni Tiani Self said...

I am a total pack rat too.

Monica said...

oh ok! sounds good! i totally forgot about that!
i have a few bags of stuff so far,and im sure it will be more by next weekend!

Valerie said...

Keep up the good work Monica! I know it is hard and tiring. I have tried to become less of a pack rat. I got rid of a bunch of stuff a couple years ago. It is amazing how much useless crap people can accumulate.

Mom and Richard and I were talking about you yesterday. Good stuff about you. We are glad you are part of the family. You keep everyone updated on what's going on, and we all like your blog a lot. Plus you put up with Steven.... lol

Monica said...

aww thanks val! that means a lot to me! Im very happy to be part of this family too!