Thursday, June 19, 2008

PostHeaderIcon not much goin on today.....

Im bored at work, its our slow week.

Ever since the ultrasound I have started feeling Savanna move around what seems to be non-stop! I think she knows kung-fu, cause she had be kung-fu-ing the crap out of me! Its so wierd, the only way i can explain it to those of you who have never felt it - you know when you have a muscle that twitches and feels wierd, that is pretty much how it feels to me!

She likes to kick my bladder, this is a fun little game we play, she kicks it....i think im about to pee my pants, run to the bathroom and viola....just a few drops. Its a great game. FOR HER!

I still havnt gained any weight...even though i feel like i have gained 50lbs!

Actually im still down about 4 lbs from the day i found out i was pregnant! So that is awesome! Im actually still able to wear a ton of my regular clothes, which is also a plus!

We now have to pick out a "theme" for her room, I think im going to do something close to what brynn already has so that way when they end up sharing a room, it will look nice. I think i found one I like at Target, its called Tiddlywinks lady bug collection. Its pretty cute huh? being that brynns room is pink and green with flowers this will go quite nice! I made my registry yesterday....I have to run it all by steve-o for the daddy approval......


Vicki said...

I loved feeling the baby move, then, later on, they really kick the bejesus out of you, especially when you are trying to get to sleep.
Love you

Sarah Michele said...

I really like that collection. Pink and green are great together. Ellie has 2 "pink nigh-nights" from that same theme! So cute. Can't wait to shop your registry :)

Mary said...

is it official? Cuz I am ready to do some shoppin!

Hey... is the shower date also official?

I have Sept 15th right?

Monica said...

its official! and it is for sure ssept 14th~! (sunday)