Tuesday, June 24, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Miss Savanna's Registry!

I saw this and thought it was totally cute!
So today I finished up our baby registry for miss Savanna!
Here is the link for those of you who are dieing to view the baby things!
Im about to go home a little early, were super slow today....and its really smokey here and making me feel sick! BLAH! Home to eat some ice cream and catch up on soap operas! LOL! (tonight is stevens baseball game, and Im not going...its at 8:20 and Im super tired!
Hope the rest of you are having a wonderful day!


Mary said...

this is a good one... I for one have been waiting...

goody goody gum drops..

Miss Savanna is mine!

Marni Tiani Self said...

Very cute.

scuba steve said...

i made her not u.... its just like you to try and take credit for my accomplishments...all u are is a incubater i am the creator! get it right...biatch!

Charise said...

steven is a helper but your the mericle! i love this picture!! its dope!

Sarah Michele said...

I love that picture, once I saw one that said "I make humans, whats your super power?" I think it was a T-shirt.

I once saw the funniest, most inappropriate pregnancy T-shirt that said "I'd still be skinny if I took it in the pooper" AAHHHH!! So wrong! Yet, so funny!! Who would wear that though??

Can't wait to get my shop on :)(Not for that shirt, for your registry)