Saturday, June 21, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Do I have a 6th sense?

Mary mentioned in her blog that she used to feel she had a sense of what the future held. She asked if anyone else ever had this, I have this feeling quite often actually. Sometimes its very unsettling, usually when it actually happens.
I get this feeling more for people whom im extremely close to, usually steven, sometimes Janel and my mom. But there have been many times for other people that i know well and others not so well.
Sometimes its a feeling that you know its going to happen, your just not sure who its going to happen to. These type of things usually come to me in my dreams, and then occor within just a few days. (see why i dont sleep well!) The things that are very specific to me usually come to me during the day, which sometimes makes me feel like a wierdo for even thinking such things.
A very prominent example of this happened to me about 5 .5 years ago, I had a dream that my close friends parents died. In my dream i was very upset and I was at my grandmas house, Someone knocked on the door, i answered and it was a very bright almost blinding white, but then there was my uncle John, He hugged me and told me that everything was going to be ok and that i need not worry. I woke in a panic, It was such a horrible dream, i told my boyfriend at the time what my dream was and he told me that i had sick dreams. nice huh? Well the next night at about 10pm i was in the shower and the phone rang, He told me the name on the caller ID was my uncles name, I instantly felt sick, got chills and could hardly stand, i got out of the shower and knew i had to call back but i just couldnt find the strength....I dialed, Janel was my uncle, he had passed just a few hours before. I was devistated. I for about a year felt a sense of guilt that i somehow could have prevented it had i really put together the signs in my dream.....Lots of medicine and counsling helped me get past that.
i have had "preminitions" if you will of accidents while driving and then miles up the road it will happen, knowing things about people before they tell me, things like that.
A recent more positive feeling i had was that my uncle tom and his new wife ( who i hadnt talked to or seen in about 6 months) were going to have babies 2 of them, I couldnt shake this for several days, which was wierd since my uncle had a vasectomy about 10 years ago and so why would i even think that? hummm... well two days later i got a call from my mom saying that Mia & Tom were pregnant and having twins! WHAT? i was shocked, I told my mom what i had been thinking and she laughed, she said that shortly after they got married last year he had it "reversed" but they never told anyone because they figured if it worked it worked if not oh well. Well it worked and now she is due with twins just about a week before me! how exciting!


Mary said...

I have had similar experiences in the past.

I knew the van Glen was driving was going to have a bad car accident with all of us in it.. I could actually see myself and children in the van... dying...

anyway, I stated I wanted to get out of the van and to stop it .... I was crying and Glen pulled over. I did not want to get back in the van, but after about 10 minutes he convinced me to trust him and I did... well, on the way home we came across a huge and ugly car accident... it had just happened maybe ten or so minutes ago...I could have been in that!

Oh and another time after my great grandmother died I told Glens parents she would visit me within 3 days after she died, and she did... I was sitting on the couch feeling so sad, when I swear to God a strong wiff of garlic came over me and I knew she was there..
she always smelled like "cooking" to me...

the smell was there and then gone and no one else smelled it..

Sarah Michele said...

Wow, you guys are giving me goose bumps! Half of me likes this stuff and the other half is scared.

Vicki said...

Maybe you just farted Mary : )

Mary said...

Mom... don't give away my secrets in a public forum..


scuse me!

Valerie said...

Yeah, I have had a lot of really weird experiences too. Regina actually has some interesting insights on that.

But Mary has always been a little extra in tune. Pretty crazy.