Tuesday, June 10, 2008

PostHeaderIcon give me my pumpkin seeds or you will be sorry

Im pretty much an emtional monster now. Yeah, I am.

On sat on our way home from the zoo steven asked me to stop in at a gas station cause he was thirsty. I asked for a snapple and some pumpkin seeds. Harmless right? HA!

So he goes in, Comes back a few minutes later with a bag of goodies, we head on our way home. He hands me my drink, give Brynn hers opens his and starts eating some jerky.

"So, can i have my pumpkin seeds?" I asked CALMLY (at this point)

::blank stare from steven::

"hello?" i said

"shit, im sorry babe, i totally forgot"

::getting angry inside::

"seriosuly, you forgot? are you kidding? you have to be kidding right?"

"No im sorry, But i have some trail mix you can have" he says as he holds the pack of trail mix up in the air.

***warning this is where the monsters appears***

I slapped the bag of trail mix out of his hand onto the floor and said "where are my damn pumpkin seeds?"

"i said sorry...." was his response

i rambled on with a few "how could you forget? you got everything YOU wanted. All i wanted was some damn pumpkin seeds. I cant believe you forgot.....

At this point there are tears (no not from steven) im talking real sad tears runnig down my face as i sit quietly driving trying to stay calm. like someone just ran over my dog, seriously crying. like a little kid. ( doing EXACTLY what i tell brynn NOT to do) cause i didnt get what i wanted.

He then slowly raises up a bag of pumpkin seeds and says " there is no need to cry over food fattie! " as he laughs.

ERRRRRR. I was sooooo mad. I think im still mad. It was not funny.


Mary said...

Steven rocks...

Oh my god, I actually was feeling bad you didn't get the seeds..

that is something I would do...


sorry Monica...but check mark for Steve....

Vicki said...

No, no no, Steven was a butt, that was NOT nice, not nice at all
Not funny and not nice.
There is funny, but THAT was not funny,
Sorry Monica for P being such a P! : )
Gonna slap that boy when I see him!

Monica said...

hopefully he has learned you dont mess with a pregnant woman and her food! lol!

slap him i say, slap him hard! lol!!

Vicki said...

And never, ever, ever call you fatty

Monica said...

the funny part is that isnt even the part that made me mad! (i havnt gained any weight yet so im not sensitive about that yet)
it was just mad cause i was so excited about eating the pupkin seeds.
Last night we went grocery shopping and decided what we were going to have for dinner, when we got home he said lets have something different....i just looked at him...he knew...
once i get my mind set that im going to eat cant be changed...

Mary said...

keep in mind who Steven is and never forget why you love him..

he is a jokester and he loves to laugh...

he is a good boy and great man..

Valerie said...

SO??????????????????? Girl or boy???????????? JUST TELL US!!