Sunday, June 1, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Moving day at GG marys.

All though moving day at great grandma marys was bitter-sweet, and very hard for vicki we did manage to get threw it with laughter and have a little fun along the way! Im glad we could help, and glad we got done as much as we did that day! Thank you Grandmoo for our little treasures! They have made great additions to our home, And I think its important to always have things that are handed down, they help you preserve your memories, This way when brynn asks about things, they have stories and she gets to learn about our childhoods! And steven will get to remember his as he tells her! I have many things that have been handed down to me that mean a lot....hummm sounds like a great idea for another blog!

heres some great shots from the day!Steven and JJ are always good for a laugh!


Vicki said...

Aren't they just the darling boys!
My mom would not be happy to see these photos! : )
JJ is good as a blond, and Steven should let his hair grow, it looks good longer

Valerie said...

Oh I don't know if Grandma would mind. The truth is, people cannot resist wigs. There is just something about seeing a wig and having the urge to put it on. It is irresistible and I have feeling Grandma of all people knows that.

Sarah Michele said...

AHAHAHAHA!! I love it! Man those two are funny. Black mail photos for sure.

Mary said...

I think grandma would laugh and then tell us to put it away...LOL

these photos are great...that was a hard day and that moment helped us relax and laugh.