Tuesday, June 17, 2008

PostHeaderIcon my first "tackle it tuesday!"

Ok so Im going to try something new. My friend Marni does this every week and from her pics, it seems that is is pretty productive! this is what i need!
So this week I (well steven and I) Have tackled our budget! Well started to at least! We have a mountian (not really but a small hill) of debt. And really who wants that? NOT I! So together last night we sat down and figured out our expenses and have decided to make some changes so that it will be easier for us to adjust once there is another mouth to feed and back to clothe! lol! not to mention the raising gas prices have really affected everyones budget im sure! We are tracking our expenses for the month of june, to kind of evaluate where we spend money that is unnecessary so that we can set an actual budget on these things. We decided that were going to talk to the other person BEFORE we spend any money, that will make us accountable, and both liable for the spent money!
So were cutting out some unnecessary "luxury" things, and cutting back on some other stuff! Were going to try to live how we did in sac when we were actually broke! And really looking back we lived simply, and we enjoyed each day we used to cook dinner EVERY NIGHT, and we actually enjoyed it, watched a movie and relaxed. We found things to do that were cheap or free.
We have decided that we eat out too much and that needs to stop. So from now on it will be for special occasions, and every now and then just to treat our selves!
Steven decided that he is going to take over the grocery shopping, he says he can cut our bill in half if not more, and hey im willing to let him!
im looking for any other ways to cut back and save! Living in windsor they have so many events on the green that are all free so were going to start enjoying those!
we have also removed all credit cards from our walletts and put them safely away, as they will not be used unless there is a real emergency....which is what they should be for anyway! thus all payments will DECREASE the balance!
Were going to make LISTS of things we need around the house before we go to walmart, target, costco etc...and stick to the list!
Im totally open for suggestions on ways to cut back!
I have no pics of this sure you all know what a stack of bills looks like! We have set a goal to have a certian precentage of our debt paid off by the time miss savanna gets goes! i think we can do it!
So tell me, do you have anything at all that you are tackling this week?


Sarah Michele said...

First off, I love the idea of Tackle it Tuesday and may have to copy you!

Second, I am the budget queen. We live, as you know, off of one income and it covers all 4 of us. I do make a little extra with Wyatt but not much :)

I highly recommend Dave Ramsey's books, especially Financial Peace (I checked at out at the library, so you could try there, saves money!) He is super straight forward and is all about living debt free. He will help you set into motion a "debt snowball" to pay your debt down.

Its hard work but Nate and I are totally debt free and it rocks! I do have student loans but they are still on deferment. We had a mountain of debt after our wedding and some stupid credit mistakes I made as a teen , but they are all gone now!

We have cut everything "extra" and you really do learn to live with out those things. Budgeting appeals to the anal side of me, so let me know if you have questions! I also have an awesome spreadsheet I could share!

Monica said...

oh spreadsheets rule!! bring it on!i would love that! someone else told me about him, im checking out his website right now, and im going to totally do the snowball thing i think!

Sarah Michele said...

Yea! Dave Ramsey himself is a religious guy and he puts a little religious touch in his books but I just ignore all that crapola and use his debt and savings technique. I'll send you the spreadsheet in email!

*disclaimer-not saying religion is crapola* (ok, I kinda am) J/K :)(not really)

Monica said...

its ok, on this blog your allowed to say that! lol!!

(cause i feel the same! lol!)

Vicki said...

You go girl!

Valerie said...

Eating out has also huge financial issue for JJ and I. It is amazing how much you can spend in a week when you eat out too much. It has been our biggest money-waster, but we are doing much better with that now. That alone should do wonders for you!

Mary said...

I hate budgets!

Monica said...

i hate them to. it always feels like punishment! lol!
but it will be better to do it now, before we have savanna and all the baby costs! lol!

Marni Tiani Self said...

I LOVE Tackle It Tuesdays! I need to get my butt in gear and get to work for the next one!