Monday, May 5, 2008

PostHeaderIcon UGH!

well were mostly moved except a few stray items and some clothes at the old place. I must say, if my husband wasnt such a great guy we would not have moved this weekend.
I got a terrible virus that has my throat swollen, throwing up ...well out both ends, no energy and just feeling ultra shitty in general no energy and really unable to concentrate or stand. I went to the Dr sunday morning cause i thought i may have strep and i have not been able to keep anything down. But they told me that i just need to rest and stay hydrated and there is nothing i can take since im pregnant.
Luckily i married a work horse. He got soooo much stuff done yesterday its amazing! Our kitchen is totally unpacked and ORGANIZED! the patio and back yard are clean, NO boxes at all out there which is amazing since when they unloaded the uhaul that is where they put EVERYTHING! brynns bathroom is done and her room is almost done we need to put her bed together tonight. Our room is....well my job so its not even close to being done!
OH and after he lugged about 50 boxes up the stairs all by him self he then went grocery shopping and made me and awesome dinner of Pasta with spaghetti sause and ground turkey with garlic cheese bread! ahhh it was soo good, and i kept it down! OH and then our new landloards brought us over a basket of 3 different kinds cookies that were still warm! how sweet are they!
Im worn out today from watching my hubbie do all that hard work! :) I have to go to the old house after work and grab some stuff and organize the "donation" pile. but that is all im doing, ill clean later when i have energy...we have till the 18th to be out of there so im taking full advantage of that!


Vicki said...

you take it easy. I mean, really.
You worry me.
Nothing has to be done immediately.
Love you both, well all 4 actually

Mary said...

good job steven..I hope you keep up your energy for the 18th..

love ya

Valerie said...

Good man Steven! Feel better Monica!