Friday, May 30, 2008

PostHeaderIcon ahhh the weekend, and im actually excited!

I havent really been excited for the weekend in a few months. The weekend for me means more work than I do during the week. BLAH.

But this weekend is different. Allthough i have my normal every weekend stuff to do, I will be rewarded!

The other day I casually mentioned how I wished I could go see my cousin. That is all I said. End of story. Didnt think too much of it.

Yesterday, my hubbie said that he thinks we should go down there sat after he gets off work. I couldnt be happier. This is really what I have been needing. I get to relax and BS with my best friend. While the girls get to see each other, which they have both been bugging us about because they say they are best friends too! lol! Brynn will get to ride horses and we may even make it to the aquarium!

I have had quite the past few months, and really so has janel,maybe even worse than me. as she has been dealing with everything with our grandma too, she also had to have her dog put down, 2 of there puppies died in one day, her husband was almost killed by 3 raging bulls (no joke) and spent a week in ICU, and now they are faced with over 200k in medical bills and her husband cant work. Trying to keep her head above water...she is amazing. We are eachothers support system threw these tough times. A sleep over is just what the dr. ordered!


Vicki said...

Wow, thats a lot on someones plate.
Give her hugs from me, even though I am a total stranger to her, my heart goes out to her.

Mary said...

whenever I feel like I am overwhelmed I can go to work and see other people in true life struggle.

I am sorry for your BF... I will send out a good vibe for her husbands recovery..

I am so glad BB will see her BF too!

Drive safe...