Thursday, May 15, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Brynn's Update.

So we told brynn about Jonny being potty trained and how he doesnt need pull-ups anymore...she got pretty jealous and i think a little mad. But it totally worked! She decided that since she has her own bathroom in her room now that she is going to be a big girl. NO MORE PULL UPS.

So we started this her first night in our new place, That night there was a pee incident, but being a big girl she got up, changed her clothes, went potty, and put her clothes in the hamper and went back to bed! the next 3 nights were all incident free, Last night her 1st night back from her moms, Incident free! And she was so proud this morning! as were we! She wanted watermelon juice as her treat for the day!
She is super happy! super proud and wants to have a sleep over with jonny in a few weeks as her reward! so well have to plan that!


Vicki said...

My mom is back in pullups! : )

Valerie said...

Good job Brynn! Nice that you can use the competition factor for Johnny and Brynn, lol. I love how close in age they are. Is Brynn exited she is going to be big sister again?

Monica said...

she is very excited! she asks me when ever she leaves for her moms if speck will miss her!
I love that she is competitive....for day i may regret it when i have a house full of chitlins!

Sarah Michele said...

AWWWW! Bring on the sleepover, I'll put 'em in the playroom and they can play 'til they pass out. You and Steve can have a date night :)

Congrats on being done with pull-ups, now you can save that money for diapers1

Monica said...

sounds awesome, as they would (brynn for sure) have more fun at your house! since there is so much to do!

oh a date? whats that? lol~ im so excited!

Sarah Michele said...

Ya, let me know, we will plan on it.

Jonny is still a little younger than Brynn and not used to sleeping at other peoples houses. He JUST did it the first time at Gails not too long ago. I could picture him freaking out at 3 am and needing a ride home :) Soon though maybe next summer!

He would love to have Brynn sleep here though, so lets figure that out.

Monica said...

awesome cause brynn can sleep anywhere!! lol!
plus she loves it there!

Mary said...

go BB..

I love you!