Friday, May 23, 2008

PostHeaderIcon T-minus 20 days and counting!

Until my anatomy ultrasound, where if speck is feeling cooperative we will get to see his junk, or lack there of.....but I'm hoping for junk! lol!!
I definitely am just happy to be having a baby, and want it to be healthy with all its parts in the right locations! But for some reason a really want a little boy, I just see myself as a boy mama. and we already have a little girl. Who lately if i didn't know better would think she was hitting puberty with how emotional she is! lol! I'm sure its just a growth spurt, as that is how she gets just before she starts eating me out of house and home and not fitting into anything, she recently grew out of all her shoes, so I'm guessing some height is next! thank goodness for shorts and flip flop weather!

also mark Sept 14Th on your calendars! my cousin has told me that is the day she is planning for the baby shower! And from what i know so far it will be held at my aunts house in Rhonert park.

I had my regular Dr. apt on Wednesday! went great, heard specks heartbeat. I'm pretty sure speck is going to give me run for my money and be a stubborn child, every time she would find the heartbeat....speck would move to the other side, then she would find it....and he would move again. this went on about 6 times in a row, then i think he got tired and let us listen for a few seconds! JEEZE i can only imagine what were in for!
Dr told me all the same things Mary and Vicki have been telling me, RELAX, don't put so much on my plate, dont know all that stuff. She recommended i see a counselor, so I'm going to do that. She says i have too much going on and need a release point! she is right!

Steven has really been great the last few weeks, doing so much around the house, as really i haven't done a thing since we moved there...except laundry. One day will be day!


Vicki said...

I put Sept 14 date for your shower on my calendar
All things shake out, so just do a little each day, or nothing, it will still eventually get done.
Relax, go eat a burrito, that will make you less stressed.
Have some carrot juice!

Mary said...

relax... it all pans out..

just rest when you can, and do something that makes you happy so speck feels those good vibes..

don't worry about your house, just take care of you and speck..

and.. I love that Steve is pitching in... he is a great guy!

Have fun camping...take lots of pics... It is specks first camping trip :)

Sarah Michele said...

Yea, enjoy your trip and try to kick back a little.

I really wish I would have rested more during my pregnancies! Once speck is here there will be no rest!

Moms right, everything you feel Speck feels, so breathe deep :)

Valerie said...

Man, it is gonna be hard when you name this child and we can't call him/her Speck anymore, it has really caught on.

Monica said...

i have a feeling speck is going to remain this childs name no matter what we name it!