Friday, May 16, 2008

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Brynn has really been having a facination with bugs lately....and spiders too. She will pick up any bug she can get her hands on. She likes to get the mosquito eaters cause there big! She will hold on to it with her fingers and talk to it,

B: eww bug your gross
bug: (no chance)
B:bug why are you so ugly? eww look at this little bug....
B : oops! (as she smashes its head in her fingers)
Me : what happened?
B: it died
Me: how did it die? did you smash it?
B: NO, it DIED
me: smashing bugs is gross, go wash your hands
B: i didnt smash it, it died..... it was dead before it was born!
ME: ok, wash your hands.

Then the other day she was talking about bugs and says to me

"mommy, do you like bugs?"

Me: no i do not. I think they are gross
B: why?
Me: i dont know i just do, they give me the creeps!
B: do you like lady bugs?
Me: yeah there ok
B: do you like butterflys and catapillars?
Me: yeah i guess
B: why do you only like those bugs?
Me: um i dont know, maybe cause there pretty, so i dont think there gross.
B: so you just dont like the UGLY bugs?
Me:yeah i guess so
B: Well that is NOT nice to only like pretty ones.

yeah, she is too smart. damn kid put me in my place...


Vicki said...

shes a pretty smart little cookie isn't she.

Valerie said...

LOL! No I didn't! It was dead before it was born! Sounds like she and Lilly share similar logic. Too funny. I must go back and lay on my heating pad now....

Mary said...

heating pad?

whats up?

Mary said...


she cracks me up..

Charise said...

i love it shes so damn cute!

Marni Tiani Self said...

I hate bugs.

Sarah Michele said...

Makes perfect sense. I think.

Shes a little whipper snapper. Yeah, I said whipper snapper.