Thursday, December 3, 2009

PostHeaderIcon announcing baby scout!

"It's never the right time to have kids, but it's always the right time for screwing. God's not a dumbshit. He knows how it works."- shitmydadsays twitter! 

I know its a little vulgar, but HILARIOUS and so true in our life right now! 

We just found out Monday that we are expecting baby #2. CRAZY. 

Timing is horrible, I'm out of work, fighting with unemployment, worried about paying bills, and now we are faced with the wonderfully scary situation of figuring out how to clothe and feed another child, how we will squeeze 3 children into our car since we cant afford a bigger car. and now im kicking myself for not keeping all of the bigger things like swings and such.

But at the same time, its probably the BEST time, I'm out of work and focusing on our children, unemployment will eventually start and we wont be as strapped, we will live within our means and provide for our family, we wont be rich but I know that there are many people out there struggling with less, I'm blessed to have a wonderful, hardworking husband that supports me and our family, he works for an amazing company that is family run and has embraced us as part of theirs. We live in a beautiful house, we both drive new cars, our children are HEALTHY, we love each other, and we really have everything we NEED. There will always be food on our table and gas in our cars even if we shop at the good will and dont wear designer clothes our house will always be filled with love.

I will learn to be more FRUGAL with our hard earned money, I will learn how to stretch every dollar to its fullest, be less wasteful, and learn to feed my husband leftovers! This will not be easy but it will have great rewards! I will have lots of time to spend with savanna and brynn before or little bundle of joy arrives, and Hopefully in the next seven months we will have a plan as to what comes next. 

At first we were both very overwhelmed, But every baby is a blessing, So we will embrace this baby and this pregnancy with as much love and joy as the the last. And yes we are very much hoping for a boy, but as long as its healthy that is all that really matters!

We Find out next wednesday just how far along we are, since we were definitly not trying I wasnt keeping track and cant honestly remember when my last period was. Im hoping im about 8 weeks, that way they will be able to see a heartbeat and give me great estamation of a due date at my appointment!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Tackle it Tuesday!


Well now that im a stay at home mom (still getting used to that) I figure its probably a good idea for multiple reasons to get some projects done around here! Nothing to big, Im not bulding and arc or anything!

So here is my first project- The Dreaded Pantry!! It always seems that hisbands and kids tear threw here looking for a snack, or the husband puts the groceries away, and well if there is a space then thats where it MUST go Right? lol!!
here are the before-






Now, If I could just keep everyone out of it, It might actually stay this way :)
Tuesday, October 6, 2009
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

PostHeaderIcon I know i have been a slacker.....

BUT im not the only anyone out there?

I have LOTS of bloggin to catch up on...we have been doing tons of stuff and having a lot going on since school started! But I promise to catch you all up!

my main reason for this blog has to do with BRYNN!

She is my challenging person to buy for this year- So this is year i have decided that our main present to brynn is HOPEFULLY going to be a little bedroom makeover.

She has pretty much has the same stuff in her room since she was a 2- its time for a big girl room! Plus she Loves her own space, and shares a room at her moms with her little sister there, so id like to make her room as special as possible for now- one day she may have to share it here as well!

Im planning to re-do some fruniture that we already have but Im looking for a day bed, so if anyone knows of anyoe that is getting rid of one I would love to have it. the color doesnt matter!

im also looking for

*closet organization stuff
* bright colored fabrics
* a small night stand
* cute small dest chair
*two tall bookcases
*cute floor rug

so please keep your eyes peeled for me if you happen to be about any super clearance or garage sales or thrift shops! Id love to get all this stuff second hand if possible to minimize cost and waste!! I love repurposing old stuff and although i love ikea, id like to keep that list small!
Friday, August 21, 2009

PostHeaderIcon 1st day of 1st grade!

So proud to be sitting at her own desk!
Today when Steven took her to school the teacher had very good things to say about Brynn. We were told that she is the only child in the class that can read along with her. Most kids have a few words that they know, but she feels that Brynn will be moving along to chapter books before we know it!
This is Brynn and her BFF Hannelore! They are really great friends. They are very excited to be sitting in the same group of desks! There personalities are completly the opposite of one another and compliment eachother so well!
Friday, August 7, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Peek-a-Boo....

I can Finally see you! :)
I Finally went to the eye Dr. last week. Turns out I have an Astigmatism in my left eye. I needed a small perscription to correct this. I just picked them up today so I am still getting used to them. They feel wierd, like im in my own little bubble, But my vision has improved!

Friday, July 31, 2009

PostHeaderIcon I have Finally decided!!

whoo, what a relief, Since Savanna is already 9 months old I have needed to start thinking of the theme for her 1st birthday!

Today I decided that its going to be

"The Very Hungry Catapillar"

I saw on this blog today the most adorable catapillar for that them party. And I have to do it! Its so cute! Of course Im alredy thinking of Ideas to make it my own and take it to the next level, this is going to be so much fun!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

PostHeaderIcon How Bout now granmoo?

can you see it now?

if not im going to rid myself of this adorable layout!

Can you see it ok on your iphone?
Monday, July 27, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Back on track FATTIE!

Ok, I have been spiriling out of control with my weight lately, and instead of loosing 10lbs, ive gained it. NOT OK.
So today starts a new motovation.
Aside from just needing to loose weight to be healthy, Steven and I are going on a 5 day Cruise to Mexico in November and I NEED to loose weight for that. I do NOT want to spend a week in mexico wearing moo moo's and coverups!
Im doing weight watchers, well ive been paying for it anyways! So im going to really do it! I would love to take ALLI again cause it really does help a lot, but its soo dang expensive i just cant justify it.

So today I challenge my self. Amanda style- a 21 day challenge! This is going to be sooo hard I know.
Home cooked meals, frozen weight watchers meals for lunch unless i have leftovers from the night before.
Im also going to crack open my weight watchers cook book.
I challenge my self to use it at least 6 times in the next 21 days. I mean thats only 2 times a week! 

PostHeaderIcon testing! testing!

Can everyone see this ok? is my blog all messed up?

I got a message from grandma saying that she cant read my blog that its all to one side.

But ive looked at it on my home and work computers and it looks ok to me, I even looked at it not logged in and it looked fine too.

Just trying to see what i need to do to make sure you can all read it!
Tuesday, July 21, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Tackle It Tuesday - Jars

I noticed I had been starting quite a collection of these old jars in my garage, and had been trying to figure out just what to do with them. I already have a canister set with the normal stuff in it, But i really wanted to display these in my kitchen somehow. These Jars are very old, Some belonged to Stevens Great Grandma, and some belonged to My Great Grandma
As you can see in the background of this picture, I have a jar that contains Spaghetti DING DING DING! I figured it out, I will fill them with different types of pasta, and pretend im Itialian!
So I went searching in my cubbords for pasta. I only found 2 other types. But it was a start!
But I still had 5 more jars to fill, and well once I started I couldnt possibly sleep till this was accomplished! So I searched some more.....
Filled one with Chompers Treats, For when he is actually good. These will be in here for a while! :)
Always good to have the S.O.S. pads handy- and they kinda match the jar!
And well, Since I happen to have an abundace of Baby snacks around these days I figured that I could use some biter biscuits to fill one up!
And in my small attempts at going green and creating less waste, I invested ( $1 on clearance)in Slicone cupcake wrappers, and they had just come out of the dishwasher and were looking for a home! (there are actually 24 of them in there, you just cant tell cause some of them are stacked together!)
I also have an abundance of this sugar subsitiute hanging around from when they paid me a bunch of money to pass out sugar packets! Man I need to find another cush side job like that again!
Then I had this Beautiful Iced Tea Pitcher that used to belong to my great grandmother, And I also wanted to display this, So I filled it with....
Iced Tea packets!
And there you have it
oops pardon my melons!
Oh and there is Charger our new kitty, Trying to find out why HE doesnt have a treat jar!
Tackle It Tuesday Meme
Friday, July 3, 2009

PostHeaderIcon well since all the boys will be gone...

what are all the girls doing on sunday?
Sunday, June 21, 2009

PostHeaderIcon happy fathers day!

My hubbie is enjoying the day at NASCAR, with my brother! Savanna and I have a little suprise in store for him when he gets home. Check back later in the week to see it!

Love to all the daddies! hope you have a great day!
Monday, June 8, 2009

PostHeaderIcon a day at the pier- somehow this didnt get posted in march when we went!

**I was looking threw past blogs in my dashboard and saw that this one was never actually published**

Brynn was on spring break this week, I was able to take Friday off so we could have a nice family day.
We took the girls to Pier 39. It was a BEAUTIFUL day in the city.

We had lots of fun,
It was such a great day!
Thursday, June 4, 2009

PostHeaderIcon getting back on track!

today i got on the scale, and almost fell off. the numbers were lying right? I mean they HAD to be. There is no way,NO WAY i could possibly be back UP to my pre-pegnancy weight right? NO WAY.

Well I am too close for comfort, my clothes are starting not to fit, and well there just isnt room in the budget for larger clothes. UGH. Plus its never fun to shop for a size larger.

So i did it, i broke down and I'm doing the only thing that has ever helped me loose weight (No not getting pregnant, although....that Did work out well. :)

I joined Weight Watchers Online. I found out they offer a discount to kaiser members, so i figured i better take advantage of it.

So here i am, starting my journey at 205. YUCK

My ultimate goal is a big one, But I'm not going to focus on that now. I'm going to set smaller goals and go step by step.

My First goal is to loose 15lbs by Brynn's birthday party. (which I will also post a blog about) that's about 2lbs per week. I can do that!
Sunday, May 10, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Happy Mothers Day!

so mary....since we didnt have a mothers day blog challenge.....
I challenge you now...can you top this one?
Friday, May 8, 2009

PostHeaderIcon This baby loves the bath!

Here she is. She really loves the bath

She LOVES water. Im going to look into some mommy and me swim classes. I want to take advantage of the fact that she loves the water and start swimming lessons ASAP!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

PostHeaderIcon i fallen of the bloggin!

but i promise to get back on!

I feel like i have been so busy lately.

I have several things to blog about, i just need to upload the pics and find a few moments to write.

I went to the dr for my back and was told that i have 3 ribs that are popped out. Interesting that ive been told by several people that its pretty impossible for that to actually happen. which makes me feel like my dr is a quack! :)

so When i called the PT office to make an appt, I asked what exactly was wrong and they told me that my referral says "3 subluxed ribs" which i was told means that ive dislocated them. All I know is that what ever it is it hurts. And is causeing me very bad muscle spasums. And the muscle relaxer they gave me makes me so out of it, i cant really take it cause i cannot function.
Hopefully when i go to PT, they can fix it fast.

Ok well im going to cuddle up with my heating pad and try to get some sleep
Saturday, May 2, 2009

PostHeaderIcon TODAY IS GOOD




when savanna wakes up, were going to Toys r us, so brynn can spend her gift card from uncle michael!

p.s. chomps is under the covers!
Friday, May 1, 2009

PostHeaderIcon grrrrr its already been quite a day.

so a little run down of our day thus far.....

got up
fed savanna
got dressed
got brynn ready
took her to school
went to the dr.
found out that when i fell down the stairs last month not only did i sprain my ankle very badly and that is going to take at least another month or two to fully heal, but that i also popped out three ribs in my back and that i have to go to the physical therapist to see if they can pop them back in. if not then i have to go to the chiropractor.
found out while at the dr that it was brynns day to bring snack. that message was not relayed to us till brynn was already AT school.
So steven had to pack up savanna, go to the grocery store, get snack, take it to the school.
on his way home he got pulled over and got a speeding ticket. GRRRR.
THEN about an hour later steven gets a call from bonnie saying the school called to tell her to come get brynn because she fell down and hit her head and was throwing up.
frantic phone calls started to try to get brynn to the DR ASAP.
Steven went and got brynn from Ryan so that he could take her to the dr.
this is what brynn said
"daddy, whats going on? I didnt hit my head. I was coughing so hard that i threw up. then the nurse came to get me from class she saw my casey kiss (what she calles her hamangioma) and said that i must have hit my head. I told her i didnt but she wouldnt listen"

GRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Can i just say that the school nurse is an ignorant biotch.
seriously, we were all freaking out thinking brynn has some kind of concussion or something rushing around to try to get an urgent care appt or take her to the ER and all that happened is that she coughed so hard she threw up. sheesh.

and this is all well before 12pm~
Wednesday, April 22, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Sweetener

I found this "job" listing on a mommy blog that I read. This company was looking for women to accept there product and pass it around to other women that they know just so they can get there product noticed, and people to start requesting that it be sold in stores. And they are paying me.

I just want to share this with you all because, i HATE, (yes HATE) artificial sugar. I dont use it. and i use a LOT of sugar in my coffe every morning, which is just waisted calories. And i have really been looking for a "fake" sugar that I like.
IT tasts sweeter than sugar. I love it.
They sent me a ton of samples, and a bag of it to bake with. So this weekend im going to make "sugar" cookies and see how that comes out!

If any of you want to try it, I will get some to you!
( i do not get paid by the number of people who say yes, so do not feel obligated!)

Its also good for people who have diabetes!

OH and steven even liked it....and THAT is saying something!

PostHeaderIcon here she is!

It ended up weighing about 40lbs!

Took me all day, cause i had both the girls to myself that day. If i had had a sitter i could have busted it out in about 4 or 5 hours!

TONS OF FUN. And a girl at the party offered me 300 to make her a similar cake! Im totally doin it!