Thursday, September 24, 2009

PostHeaderIcon I know i have been a slacker.....

BUT im not the only anyone out there?

I have LOTS of bloggin to catch up on...we have been doing tons of stuff and having a lot going on since school started! But I promise to catch you all up!

my main reason for this blog has to do with BRYNN!

She is my challenging person to buy for this year- So this is year i have decided that our main present to brynn is HOPEFULLY going to be a little bedroom makeover.

She has pretty much has the same stuff in her room since she was a 2- its time for a big girl room! Plus she Loves her own space, and shares a room at her moms with her little sister there, so id like to make her room as special as possible for now- one day she may have to share it here as well!

Im planning to re-do some fruniture that we already have but Im looking for a day bed, so if anyone knows of anyoe that is getting rid of one I would love to have it. the color doesnt matter!

im also looking for

*closet organization stuff
* bright colored fabrics
* a small night stand
* cute small dest chair
*two tall bookcases
*cute floor rug

so please keep your eyes peeled for me if you happen to be about any super clearance or garage sales or thrift shops! Id love to get all this stuff second hand if possible to minimize cost and waste!! I love repurposing old stuff and although i love ikea, id like to keep that list small!


Sarah Michele said...

I will definitely keep my eye out. Is she still sleeping in that twin bed that is half of a bunk bed? I ask because Jonny has the other half and we were going to buy Ellie and Jonny bunk-beds (from Ikea probably)BUT if you are switching her to a daybed maybe we could work something out? I could pitch in for a day bed or something? (cheaper than buying bunk-beds right?)We should talk!

Monica said...

idefinitly looking to get her into a day bed, and they have one at ikea so if worse comes to worse i may buy the one there that is only 100!
you can definitly have this one!!
It will most likely be before xmas!

Sarah Michele said...

Hmmm, maybe my Xmas gift to the big kids will be a room makeover too! I'm stealing you idea :)

Monica said...

lol! sounds great!! its gonna be fun!

Vicki said...

yes, we have all been slackers.
I am going to post after I write this.
I do have colorful fabrics, thats for sure, what are you looking for?

Monica said...

im thinking light pink, blue, green, orange in a hues that compliment each other...but im sure i didnt have to tell you that part! lol!!:)
like a soft pastel almost, with fun patterns