Thursday, June 4, 2009

PostHeaderIcon getting back on track!

today i got on the scale, and almost fell off. the numbers were lying right? I mean they HAD to be. There is no way,NO WAY i could possibly be back UP to my pre-pegnancy weight right? NO WAY.

Well I am too close for comfort, my clothes are starting not to fit, and well there just isnt room in the budget for larger clothes. UGH. Plus its never fun to shop for a size larger.

So i did it, i broke down and I'm doing the only thing that has ever helped me loose weight (No not getting pregnant, although....that Did work out well. :)

I joined Weight Watchers Online. I found out they offer a discount to kaiser members, so i figured i better take advantage of it.

So here i am, starting my journey at 205. YUCK

My ultimate goal is a big one, But I'm not going to focus on that now. I'm going to set smaller goals and go step by step.

My First goal is to loose 15lbs by Brynn's birthday party. (which I will also post a blog about) that's about 2lbs per week. I can do that!


Sarah Michele said...

Hey Monica, I just joined online on Monday!

So far so good, we can keep each other on check:)

Good Luck!

Monica said...


so exciing!

Marni's Organized Mess said...

I know what you mean. Pregnancy and breastfeeding were my BEST weight loss secrets. Sad huh? Good thing we do want 6. hahaha, okay, not really.