Tuesday, July 21, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Tackle It Tuesday - Jars

I noticed I had been starting quite a collection of these old jars in my garage, and had been trying to figure out just what to do with them. I already have a canister set with the normal stuff in it, But i really wanted to display these in my kitchen somehow. These Jars are very old, Some belonged to Stevens Great Grandma, and some belonged to My Great Grandma
As you can see in the background of this picture, I have a jar that contains Spaghetti DING DING DING! I figured it out, I will fill them with different types of pasta, and pretend im Itialian!
So I went searching in my cubbords for pasta. I only found 2 other types. But it was a start!
But I still had 5 more jars to fill, and well once I started I couldnt possibly sleep till this was accomplished! So I searched some more.....
Filled one with Chompers Treats, For when he is actually good. These will be in here for a while! :)
Always good to have the S.O.S. pads handy- and they kinda match the jar!
And well, Since I happen to have an abundace of Baby snacks around these days I figured that I could use some biter biscuits to fill one up!
And in my small attempts at going green and creating less waste, I invested ( $1 on clearance)in Slicone cupcake wrappers, and they had just come out of the dishwasher and were looking for a home! (there are actually 24 of them in there, you just cant tell cause some of them are stacked together!)
I also have an abundance of this sugar subsitiute hanging around from when they paid me a bunch of money to pass out sugar packets! Man I need to find another cush side job like that again!
Then I had this Beautiful Iced Tea Pitcher that used to belong to my great grandmother, And I also wanted to display this, So I filled it with....
Iced Tea packets!
And there you have it
oops pardon my melons!
Oh and there is Charger our new kitty, Trying to find out why HE doesnt have a treat jar!
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Mary said...

freakin' awesome Monica...

great job... I love the biter biscuit ones....

I have lots more goodies in the garage..

Monica said...

I love them! and they have been useful, not just decorative!

ohhh cant wait to go threw it all!

Vicki said...

everything on your blog is to one side, and I can't read the writing over the graphics. : (