Friday, May 1, 2009

PostHeaderIcon grrrrr its already been quite a day.

so a little run down of our day thus far.....

got up
fed savanna
got dressed
got brynn ready
took her to school
went to the dr.
found out that when i fell down the stairs last month not only did i sprain my ankle very badly and that is going to take at least another month or two to fully heal, but that i also popped out three ribs in my back and that i have to go to the physical therapist to see if they can pop them back in. if not then i have to go to the chiropractor.
found out while at the dr that it was brynns day to bring snack. that message was not relayed to us till brynn was already AT school.
So steven had to pack up savanna, go to the grocery store, get snack, take it to the school.
on his way home he got pulled over and got a speeding ticket. GRRRR.
THEN about an hour later steven gets a call from bonnie saying the school called to tell her to come get brynn because she fell down and hit her head and was throwing up.
frantic phone calls started to try to get brynn to the DR ASAP.
Steven went and got brynn from Ryan so that he could take her to the dr.
this is what brynn said
"daddy, whats going on? I didnt hit my head. I was coughing so hard that i threw up. then the nurse came to get me from class she saw my casey kiss (what she calles her hamangioma) and said that i must have hit my head. I told her i didnt but she wouldnt listen"

GRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Can i just say that the school nurse is an ignorant biotch.
seriously, we were all freaking out thinking brynn has some kind of concussion or something rushing around to try to get an urgent care appt or take her to the ER and all that happened is that she coughed so hard she threw up. sheesh.

and this is all well before 12pm~


Mary said...

what is going on? we were worried miss brynn was throwing up because she fell..

boy.. I sure would have a conversation with the principal...

Monica said...

i plan on calling on monday.

makes me wonder where school nurses get there degrees.

im mean even as an EMT I know that if anyone, let alone a child were to hit there head and start vomiting then they need to go to the ER. NOT wait for parents to come pick them up.
THANK GOD that she didnt actually hit her head and need to go to the dr.
and you think SOMEONE in that school could have told her that brynn has a permanent lump on her forehead.
very irritating to me. I know im extra sensitive to her birthmark cause ever since she was a baby people (adults) point it out so rudely, and we never wanted her to have a complex about it.

Valerie said...

Jeez Monica! What a day!