Thursday, August 28, 2008

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Well I was already having a crappy day for multiple reasons.....then I get a message from some snotty little 19 year old girl....

Well appearently a year and a half ago...yep you heard that right, I sold her my jeep cherokee, She has yet to register it appearently and of course lost the bill of sale, and the pink slip and the dmv has sent her several notices that the jeep is subject to towing and impound in the event that she is pulled over or parked on a public street!

So appearently where i come in is that if this happens since im the legal owner of this vehicle, in order for her to finally register it, she needs my signature.

She wanted me to just meet her and sign a paper, But im not willing to do this, cause she will probably just loose it! So I am meeting her at the DMV first thing in the am to make sure that she actually registers it!

So I get to take my painfully pressurized vagina and go sit in an uncomfortable DMV chair with a snotty 19 year old girl first thing in the morning.....ummm sounds like tomorrow is going to be crappy to.

I guess I should go to bed.....


Vicki said...

Monica, honey, it all ok.
Things happen, get on the positive side of life, the one you are usually on.
Pregnancy is difficult, emotionally and physically, but you are in charge of how you deal with it.
WE love you.
Remember all the good things you have going for you. Whats a little pressurized va ginnein the overall picture of life?
: )

Valerie said...

What an idiot that girl is though. Seriously, a year and a half ago? Sigh.

Monica said...

yeah actually it ended up being jan 26 of 2006!
she had to pay a LOT of money to the DMV! lol! it was pretty comical.