Friday, August 22, 2008

PostHeaderIcon 30 weeks! whoo hooo!!!

I celebrated by sitting on the toilet for like an hour, and then i cried a little.

i know TMI, but really im not a shy girl. I think my face actually looked like this meerkat when it finally came out.

my poor bum. now not only is my vagina sore and swollen but now my bum hurts.

but the good news is savanna is 30 weeks today just 10 more to go till the little sassy one gets here.

Today was also a bittersweet day in our home, Most of you know today is the 5 year anniversary since Casey passed and Steven got to take brynn to school for the first time today. He was so cute when we dropped her off, we stopped where she couldnt see us and we watched her play on the playground for a few minutes while we walked back to the car! She is so funny, they blew the whistle for everyone to stop, and she stopped at first.....but then she figured she was where the teacher couldnt see she continued on her way!! lol! stevens response " oh no....she is going to get the whistle blown at her all the time!" It was classic!

We got our first homework assignment this weekend, we have to decorate a shoebox! so stay tuned for those pictures!


Mary said...


so funny Monica... I haven't laughed all week.

yes, it has been a hard week for me as well with little Casey boy, but I keep looking forward and remembering Miss Brynn and of course Little Miss Sassy.

I already am going to call her that! I love her already!

please post small projects like the shoebox.. and make sure Steven helps...

love ya!

Vicki said...

You crack me up Monica