Wednesday, August 20, 2008

PostHeaderIcon why im on disability!

So after my trip to labor and delivery (see blog below) Not much has changed, I'm still in pain and the pressure is still immense and I have been off work since. The only way to describe it is, it feels like there is an elephant trying to come out of my vagina. lots of pressure. which when i try to get up or drive or walk to far turns into pain.
After numerous tests the Dr's state that there is NO SIGN of pre term labor at this point, and I'm not dilating or anything like that. My cervix is long and thick :) But if i were to continue about my "normal" activities the pressure could cause dilation earlier than we want. So until I'm at lest 32 weeks I'm to take it easy. I'm not on actual bed rest, but my Dr told me to know my limits and to not push myself. So Here I sit on my couch with my little dog. bored out of my mind. Its times like this i really wish i had a real hobby. I do laundry, make dinner and little things here and there but mostly u will find me in my pj's on the couch watching the crap they call "day time" TV. PUKE.
I will get paid on disability, but its only like 60% of my normal pay....which is going to hurt. i know were saving on gas and such, but really its going to be a hard adjustment, and not something we were planning on, we thought we had much more time to prepare for me being off work. it will be a rough adjustment but I'm sure well get threw it.


Mary said...

can you work from home? filing or what not for your work? Steve can pick it up for you?

At 32 weeks are you going back?

Read a good book... I have many you would like and some are funny and some are fantasy and some are sad...

Yah... read a book...forget that daytime crap...

Mary said...

Has anyone noticed that if you watch Savanna in her bubble for a while she kicks?

Monica said...

nope cant work from home, sucks but really there is no way it would work out.

I dont think she is going to send me back at 32 weeks, cause at 36 weeks i would go on normal maternity leave and if she sent me back i would have to re start disability, and we would have to go an another week with NO pay for me...and I dont really think we can manage that!
its sucky!

I should come over a pick a book or two....a funny one and a sad one..:)

Vicki said...

Your not gonna like labor, I can tell you that.
You think you have pressure now....scheech!
Sorry your not feeling well, hope the time moves quickly for you.
I just finished a book called "Naked" by David Sedaris. It made me laugh outloud many times.
You might like it with your sense of humor.

Monica said...

im not looking forward to labor at all. i know im going to be a whiney biotch!

thanks for the recomendation, im going to have to check it out!