Tuesday, August 5, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Savanna is great! a lot of pain!

Id like to start of by saying everyone is OK! and she is still in there where she belongs!
Since Friday, I have been having immense pelvic pressure, that has worsened each day. Today being the worst so far. It turned into pain, pressure and cramping. Period type cramping, the ones that make you have cold sweats, shivvers, and nausea. NOT GOOD!
I have been trying to hold out till friday, as that is my next regular pre-natal appt, but when the cramping started, there was no more waiting for me. So i made an appt for tomorrow am with an NP, but it was still getting worse as i drove home, So i called the advise line, and they transferred me right to labor and delivery.....who told me that i should come in to be monitored. Fear kicked in to full gear, and i needed to go to kaiser. i couldnt get there fast enough, but mary really helped calm me as i drove there. Thank you mary!
I got there, they hooked me right up, found Savanna's heartbeat, and she started kicking the monitor! She is so sassy already! Then Steven got there, and I felt so much better, knowing that no matter what they told me...We would get threw it!
But they had nothing but good news (about savanna) for us, She had a perfect heartbeat, and was active, and appeared to not be in any stress! my cervix is long and thick, (which is exactly what we want!) I have no bleeding or fluid loss. the bad news is Im in pain, and may continue to be in pain for a while.
They monitored us for just shy of 3 hours, and every few minutes i was having terrible cramping (and still am as i type) But they are not considered actual "contractions" as they do not show up on the monitor...They checked my cervix again, and no change! So they said i could go home, and to follow up with my reg dr at my appt on friday, to take it easy.
He says that the pain could be a number of things, Round ligiment pain, Pelvic bones spreading, muscles stretching, or disk pain in my back.
So my dr will check me again on friday and hopefully be able to provide me a little more relief (aside from my piece of mind that she isnt coming soon!) and untill then i will just have to stay as comfortable as i can while in pain.


Valerie said...

Poor Monica! I hope the cramping stops, and I am glad Savanna is OK.

Vicki said...

Bless Mary, she is there when you need her, always!
What a great person she is.
So glad Savanna is fine, and you are as well. Pregnancy is different for different people, but it is never easy.
Hope you are feeling better really soon

Sarah Michele said...

I am really glad that everything is A-Ok. When my mom told me I just got this feeling that you were alright-scared as hell, sure- but I knew it was going to be OK.

Keep us updated as always. Did you work today?

Monica said...

im at home today, my body is just physically drained from the contractions, i still have them every once in a while, im miserable, and i cant get comfortable....but everything is ok and thats worth all the pain!

Valerie said...

I guess this happened to Caelah with Lilly. I guess they last a day or two, so you should be feeling better tomorrow.

Mary said...

Mom...your the greatest!

Mary said...

Monica... You are so in tune with your own body...

I feel you have all the right to go and get checked out.

Stevie wouldn't have missed being with you... he didn't even go to his last baseball game... he loves you and of course our little sassy Savanna... Hey! that's cute.

I love ya..