Friday, August 29, 2008

PostHeaderIcon OUCH!

A few weeks ago I jinxed myself. I knew i shouldnt have uttered those words out loud and right after I did I knew I would regret it.

Even with my pressurized vag, I still felt lucky. You see i hadnt had any other pregnancy discomforts.

I said to my husband one evening when i was geting ready for bed " wow babe im pretty lucky so far, I havnt had a bladder infection, yeast infection or gotten hemmoirids yet! So far so good" then i said "shit! i shouldnt have said that out loud"

and he of course laughed at me and said, "oh now your gonna get all three at the same time! hahahah!" (you all can im sure picture him laughing)

Well, No, I didnt get all three. I did get one of the three though. It arrived last week after my horrible constipation I now have the rhoids! Yep. OHHH they are soo painful, earlier I was in tears. Then when we were driving (steven was) i got the butt grasping sensation as i felt we were not stopping fast enought....OUCH....and a little tear....

ahhhh the joys of pregnancy...arnt you jealous?


Valerie said...

Lame! Bummer Monica, that stinks!

Monica said...

dont you wanna have a baby now after getting to listen to all the fun stuff?

Sarah Michele said...

Sorry you got the 'roids. I was very lucky both times and bypassed them (crap, I just jinxed myself huh?)

I think its hilarious that you just did a post about hemorrhoids. Gotta love ya!

Monica said...

your jinxed!

yeah i have no shame!

Vicki said...

lets go MOnica, where is a new blog. Tired of 'Roids
: 0