Saturday, February 20, 2010

PostHeaderIcon 18weeks today!!

This pregnancy seems to be going a lot faster than the last! Im sure its because I dont have a lot of time to think about it! In all honestly I often FORGET that Im pregnant!! I never thought that was possible! But Im grateful to be busy chasing around my little ball of energy, she keeps me on my toes for sure!

In just 11 days we will find out (hopefully) what little baby Scout is! Im so excited to see this baby on the ultrasound. I have had 3 dr appts where we have been able to hear a very healthy heartbeat, and 1 ultrasound at 7 weeks....there is not much to see at 7 week except a little flutter that is the heartbeat! So Im so excited to see little scout and all its features! We are hoping for a boy, but we will be grateful for a healthy baby no matter the sex!

So far with the exception of a few weeks of being nauseous Its been great! Im hoping it continues this way!


Amanda said...

I'm glad the pregnancy is going well monica, and I am soo hopin for a boy :)
BTW, i still need to get my book from you,lol. And, would you mind telling steven to check his facebook inbox, i asked him another thing about the jeep.

Monica said...

im home usually ALL the time! feel free to swing by if your ever over this way!! I just told steven to check it...he said he couldnt figure it out after it changed...ill show him! :)

Amanda said...

okie dokie lol he's hilarious

Marni's Organized Mess said...

Yay for a good pregnancy!