Friday, February 19, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Right where Im supposed to be

This Picture was taken approximately 2 years ago this week. Steven and I took a very unplanned and last minute trip to Disneyland for out 1st Valentines as a married couple! This was possibly the 1st pic of me as "Pregnant". As were pretty sure savanna was concieved the night before!
Sometimes I look at this picture and think wow that seems like yesterday...and others times i think it was a lifetime ago.
The past 2 years have brought us so much. So much good, and of course a little bad. But that is just how it goes. With out the bad you would not appriciate the good!
As we sat on this tram to Disneyland if you would have asked me where I would be in 2 years I probably would have said that we would have a baby, be working, and gone back to school. Its quite far from where we are,  Yes I had a baby, but Ive another on the way! I'm not working (out side the home at least), I haven't gone back to school as of yet, but I do have plans to take at LEAST 1 class this Fall! Its been a roller coaster ride these last 2 years, but i wouldn't trade 1 moment of it because that roller coaster has brought me RIGHT where I am today....And I'm RIGHT where I WANT to be!