Monday, February 22, 2010

PostHeaderIcon RuPaul goes to San Francisco!

RuPaul was a little bored at home, he is anxiously awaiting Marys graduation so that they can hit the town! He asked if he could come visit us, So we gladly took him! We planned a trip to SF, he was really excited about it. It ended up being a rainy day but RuPaul was determined to have some fun, and we didn't want to disappoint him so we went to SF anyways.

He started having a great time right away,

Making friends with all the shrimps at Bubba Gumps! 

He wanted to make sure that he got to take his picture in "Forrests Shoes" so we obliged! 

He was having a  REALLY hard time deciding what he wanted to eat.....

So he decided that he would just drink his lunch! 
Things got a little crazy after this, he started dancing on the table....
He made friends with "RED" our server! 

After lunch we waked around the peer, he ran into some old friends!

We decided to head home cause RuPaul was getting a little tired
We had a great day with RuPaul.


Valerie said...

omg, this was hilarious! I am glad RuPaul had such a nice outing.

Vicki said...

What a great post. Lucky RuPaul. Mary must be happy that you watched RuPaul so well, and that RuPaul had such a great lunch.
You gotta love that puppy, RuPaul rules. Monica your a riot. : )

Kellie Fantastic said...

Haha. Seems like RuPaul had some fun, granted dogs in sweaters kinda creep me out