Sunday, March 29, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Working on the camper.

This weekend we spent some time trying to fix up our tent trailor. We bought this with the intentions of fixing it up, and oh a year or two later...we finally started!

when we moved we got some rebate from ATT, i guess it was a thank you for keeping there service or something...whatever. we got a free gift card. hummm..what to do with that money! Well we had a nice family day in the city, but that is another blog! And whit the left overs from that gift card we did a lil fixin of the trailor!

First, I did the floors, This is the before

The During,
Chomps really likes to help. he is a very active member of the family!
And here are they are after! Such an amazing Difference.
I like to think i have Peel-n-stick tile skills! im pretty good.
Then today Steven and my brother took the trailor comepletely apart, there were some places that the wood needed to be replaced, it was rotted out, and some things we wanted to change.
They took the canvas off, and pressure washed it and scrubbed the heck out of it. Looks much better now
We also needed to re-do the counter top, and we decided to take out the sink part of it, as it didnt work that well, and we would rather have the counter space! So Steven and Dan cut out a new counter top and attached it, so that i could re-do the surface of it.
i guess when i went to the store, they needed some help, savanna showed them how to use the tools!
Then I did the top
lookin good!
We Put the counter back in
I re did those cusions last year.
and then Nana needed a nap. She was so tired from all that hard work! :)


Charise said...

it looks so good! wow you guys are crafty!!! you guys hould be on "this old house" remember that show Steve an I used to watch it all the time i see it really had a good effect on him!! haha!

Mary said...

great job youz guys...

handy... I would not know even where to start...

looks awesome...

poor nana... she got tired teachin' the boys the ropes..

Vicki said...

Wow, I am impressed. How nice it looks.