Sunday, March 1, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Part 2 : Savanna's Room

This hangs in our hallway, between the girls bedroom doors. Steven had this made when I was still pregnant with Savanna. He took Brynn to the fair this summer and they brought this home for me! We thought they would be sharing a room, but it worked out perfect in the house we moved to that it goes just between there doors!
Her Crib. I just put the bumper in today, as she has recently started menouvering her way around the crib and today had her arm threw the slats. So we cant have that so its bumper time!
A nice little view of her room.
This is her Toy box, its got a few things in there that she should start using here in the next few months, And all her little friends sit atop it. This chest was actually made by Stevens dad. Its quite nice, and really nice that our girls have something like this.
Here is her dresser, this dresser used to be amandas. I love that it was givin to Savanna. Its so cute, and really spacious inside, now we just need to fill it up! Atop it a lamp that came from great grandma marys house, a photo album and frame along with vases that were decorations as my baby shower.
These shelves hold some very special treasures. The lower shelf is filled with ceramic Care Bears that I have had since i was very little. I dont know who gave them to me but I do know that I have always loved them and wanted to keep them for my children to enjoy, The upper shelf holds some ceramic figures that belonged to my mom, I believe she has had them since she was little. And also a box that was giving to savanna by my Aunt Claudia when she was born, it holds a special dress and Crown for her First Birthday.
This Hangs above her Crib, It was painted for me By my Aunt Claudia when I was little.
this was also made for me by my aunt, and hangs over her changing table
This Hangs on her wall, A gift From Umma for Christmas.


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Precious, I love the colors.

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Thank you!

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I am so glad Miss Savanna has all this ...

she is already moving around the crib?

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