Saturday, March 7, 2009

PostHeaderIcon BBQ Chicken Pizza Dinner!

Well Steven has been wanting to go to Old Chicago Pizza lately, But since were on a super budget we wont be going there for a while, So today he asked if I could make Pizza for dinner....Well since we are Both currently on a diet I searched for a recipe for a low fat crust! FOUND a GREAT one! and then thought about what I could put on it that wouldnt make it full of fat! Here is what i ended up with!

BBQ chicken Pizza!
I made it entirely from scratch!
Started with the dough, A low fat recipie! And sooo Tasty you would never know it only had 1 gram if fat per serving of 2 heaping slices (not counting the toppings of course)
Here is the start of my yeast rising!
Adding the rest of the flour,
All Kneaded up and starting to raise,
so i grilled up some chicken with BBQ sause,
Cut up some onions and Garlic, Had some left over corn in the fridge, chopped up the Chicken
Decided to Make Brynn her own special little pizza
Sause, corn, chicken and cheese here!
Couldnt locate Pizza steven rolled ours into cookie sheet size!
(Our first use of Great Grandmas Butcher Block, many many more uses to come!)
added the lowfat mozzerella, BBQ sause, chicken, corn, Onions, Garlic and Cilantro.
What a yummy dinner! And it was low in fat and pretty healthy. We also had salad, and a lot of fun making it!


Vicki said...

What a great recipe, It looks wonderful.
Budget and diet does not mean rice and beans! : )

Mary said...

looks great... good job everyone..

Busby said...