Tuesday, April 7, 2009

PostHeaderIcon IM BEING PUBLISHED!!!!!!!!!!

I was checking my email this morning, and came accross this.

**** Dear Monica,
The editorial team of Photography Laureates is happy to let you know that you have been selected as One of the Members of the month for April 2009.
As such, we invite you to Click Here to fill up your Member of the Month Questions & Answers form and let the entire Photo Laureates Community know who you are. Please note that your contact information will be kept strictly confidential, for your privacy.
Monica, I am also very pleased to let you know that your photograph was selected out of hundreds of competing entries and that you will be published along with other talented photographers.
Your photograph, Hawaii Storm In December, was selected for its asymmetric composition and light mix used throughout:

.. and will be published in our acclaimed "Best Of 2009 Photography",   ****

The funny thing about this picture, is that is was just taken with my canon point and shoot camera while we were hiking in Hawaii on our honeymoon.
Its going to be published in a book, and I most likely will not be buying it, as its costs $69. But at least I know my picture will be published in it!
I am now going to enter this photo in some other contests, as well as the Fair this year!


Valerie said...

Super cool Monica!

Mary said...

I will buy you the book missy...

consider it a early bday present

CONGRATS... I really liked that one also...

Monica said...

ohhh really! that is so sweet of you!

I will send you the link!

eeeeek! im so excited!

your the best!

Marni's Organized Mess said...

You should set your blogger up so when you comment I can just click reply on my email. LOL.

I'll have to look up the code, but first you have to add a line underneath your header in the HTML codes.

Then I just set mine up as words with | between them. I am sure you can google blogger help pages to get prettier little boxes and stuff, but I am still new at this. :)

Reply to this and I can email the codes more specific. :)

Amanda said...

that's so awesome, especially since it wasn't taken with the special camera!