Monday, April 6, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Camping at Sugar Loaf

Steven and his baby...oh i mean bottle! :)
the flames were not shooting towards me like that, steven just doesnt know how to set the shutter speed on my camera!
Uncle Dan fixing Brynns bike
And shes off! (not really she is too short for it and cant peddle it)
Glens Son JR caught brynn a frog, she kept it in a 2litre bottle for a day, but we told her its mom missed him, so she had to leave it there
Brynn And Dylan, They didnt like the smoke from the campfire in there eyes, so brynn found snowboarding goggles in uncle dans truck, and Dylan used beccas sunglasses!
Poor nana....she didnt care too much for camping...she is a more of a hotel kind of girl!
This one on the otherhand would sleep in the dirt if we let her!
and of course here is Chomps, he broke his leash and chased after another dog....then had a "time out" in the pack and play till we fixed up his leash!


Mary said...

These made me laugh..

Poor nana.. she is just like her umma..much rather be near maid and room service..

I used to love camping.. but now it seems like it is just too hard.

you guys can have two free nights at Spring lake camping... I got it when I renewed my yearly spring pass...

I will come and visit you ... help Steven with that "baby bottle" and then go home to sleep it off...

cute pics... love it..

Monica said...

want me to make lemon drops?

Vicki said...

What cute photos. Thanks Monica

Marni's Organized Mess said...

That's great!