Monday, February 2, 2009

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I have a great passion for photography, and its my new years resolution to never leave home with out at least one of my cameras. I have a point and shoot that i have been keeping in my purse now and is coming in handy for savanna moments! and i have a DSLR that i am desperately trying to learn how to take amazing photos and learn all of its cool features.

Im going to try always on my days off to have my "good" camera so that i can get some better practice shots, because it never fails I always have the best photo ops when there is no camera in sight!

So i have created another blog where im posting some of my favorite photos that i have taken recently as im learning how to use all the amazing features of this camera.

this weekend I plan on having a little photo shoot of the girls, we really dont have enough pictures of the girls together, and really can you ever have enough pictures of your children.

check it out often! Im going to try to keep it updated as best i can!


Mary said...

I love it...

I will so be a fan..

can't wait..

Amanda said...

that's great, i love taking pictures, you can never have enough. :)

Vicki said...

yeah baby