Wednesday, February 4, 2009

PostHeaderIcon ahhhh nothing feels better than home!

We are officially moved (we just need to clean the old house!) It feels sooo good to come home to our big awesome house!
I will post the before and after photos later this week, its amazing!

Thank you to all of you who helped us this weekend, we COULD NOT have gotten it done with out each and every one of you!

Our new home is so cozy and relaxing, I am just in love with it. We are starting the unpacking craziness tonight! Im sooo very excited to set up Savanna's room, Because before she really didnt have her own room, and now she does! She has slept in there the last 2 nights and done great! She really likes to sleep, so we dont have too many problems with that!

My step dad gave us a refrigerator, Which was so awesome of him! totally helped us out! Now all we need to get is a washer and dryer! UGH, them things are pricey! so if anyone know/hears/sees anyone getting rid of some old ones free/reasonably priced PLEASE let us know!

Well im going to upload some pics....and do some work :) lol!


Vicki said...

I need your new address and phone number PLEASE

Mary said...

your house is soooo nice..

it will be a financial sacrifice to be there, but well worth it to come home to.

you are fortunate the location and so close to a store and starbucks, chinese food and subway..

I think I'm hungry..

can't wait for the pics..