Wednesday, December 31, 2008

PostHeaderIcon :( im sad

This is my last full day all alone with savanna. Just me and her. :(
Of course I will still enjoy the next 4 days off with her, but today is the last day that is just her and I all day.
This makes me sad. So today I will just lay around and hold her, kiss her, play with her and make her smile. Nap with her, smell her head, and snuggle her.
Right now she is passed out on my lap as i type!
Its very hard to carry something for nine months, spend 10 weeks adoring her, and then having to leave her. I really dont know how people are ever excited about leaveing there children to return to work. It makes my stomach turn thinking about it. I know she will be takin care of exactly as  i care for her, as she will be with sarah and she will be loved and adored all day but its still hard. I know it will get easier, and that i need to go back to work for my family, but i dont have to be happy about it.
I am happy about the money, and the interaction with people, I really do like my job. But i like my baby more!


Vicki said...

It is a hard time Monica. I understand.
Wish I could send mountains of money your way so you could stay home with Ms Savanna.

Monica said...

oh we dont need mountians, just a small hill would do! :)

Im sure ill adjust afer a week or so! last night steven said "well i better hold her now, cause once you go back to work your never going to let go of her when your home, and ill never get to hold her!"