Tuesday, December 30, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Christmas eve-eve!

we had our annual christmas eve -eve (dec 23rd) at sarahs this year, it was great! (except that steven missed most of it because his boss was being a douch bag and made him work till like 8 but thats another story)
We had great food and family and fun times and that is all that matters!
All the "big" kids wanted to hold the baby, so they took turns

Ellies turn, only she wants her turn to be all the time, cause she is seriously in love with savanna, it is soo cute! I hope that she always loves her this much, I see them being close like jonny and brynn are, just because ellie is so inthralled with her. i also hope she loves her new little sibling this much too!

(also i love this, because it mean that ellie pays attention to me and is no longer stand offish to me! cause i now always have a savanna with me! Im golden!) :)

then it was the big sisters turn! She is such a great big sister!

And of course jonny! He also loves savanna! he likes to touch her on the side of her head! lol!

her littlest pet shop a PDA but for kids, Im still not sure why a 5 year old needs a planner, but hey it made her so happy! it has a little dog that lives in side it and she has to feed it and stuff!


Mary said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these...

I didn't get such great pics that night.... I was bummed..

you have lifted my spirit..

I kind of feel Ellie and Savanna will be close too..

and now this new baby monkey on the way...

so excited... but way glad it is not me... :)

Vicki said...

I love these photos, I love that my daughter is such a good and loving grandma.
Wow, amazing that she is even a grandma! Let alone a grandma of soooo many little ones. She was born to be a mommy and grandmommy.

How lucky are her grandchildren.